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Qigong and medicineless hospitals

The ancient art of Qigong combines movement, meditation and breathing to help restore the flow of vital energy (‘qi’) throughout the body.

Previously, I assumed it was one of those exercises that was too slow, too simple to be of much benefit. I’d foolishly filed it under ‘things I’ll do when I’m 75’ along with moving to the countryside, learning names of trees and wearing a one piece.

But anything that has been around for 5000 years deserves attention, and, in the last few years, it’s been getting a lot of it.

A 2011 study from the University of Sydney found that cancer patients who practiced Qigong experienced significantly higher well being levels, improved cognitive function and less inflammation compared to controls.

Qigong might also unlock the key to weight-loss. In the US, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has recognized the efficacy of the use of qigong in maintaining long-term weight loss and is currently funding research to further document its effectiveness.

Then there’s diabetes, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, autism and an addiction to heroin – all of which Qigong has proven helpful, according to scientific papers.

But not many people read those.

What has caught the attention of the public is one particular youtube clip.

Tens of thousands of people have now seen video evidence of Qigong masters ‘dissolving’ a bladder cancer in minutes.

The stunning feat occurred at The Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre in China, the largest medicineless hospital in the world.

Since opening its door in the 1980s, the Centre has treated more than 135,000 patients with 180 different diseases – and has achieved an overall success rate of 95 per cent.

Last year, I contacted Gregg Braden, a pioneer in the science of spirituality and quantum healing to ask him about the medicineless hospital, which has since been shut down. This was his reply:

‘I want to be very clear about what the film shows and what it means. This film was created by Luke Chan, to illustrate the potential of Qi energy to heal the body. He is using a form of Qi Gong called “Chi Lel” and he is a master of this form.

‘The healing comes only after an extensive process of strengthening the body with life-affirming nutrition and energy practices. The purpose of the film is to show the power that is possible in the human body that we do not have to go to a specific hospital in a far away place to have healing. We can learn as individuals from Luke and his classes, or from masters that have been trained by Luke.’

Mum decided Qigong was definitely something she wanted to add to her healing arsenal and she was thrilled to find that a local charity, Cancer Support WA, offered classes for just $5 for members ($10 for non members).

The instructor Glenys Brown, is a medical intuitive and Qigong master. Her mission? To help people understand and use their inner energy abilities to improve their life.

In just a few sessions she has provided Mum with practical tools to help her relieve stress and feel invigorated. Like Mum, Glenys also knows the power of Mother Nature.

In one recent class, she urged students to go outside and choose one particular tree to draw/share energy with. According to Glenys, every tree carries a different vibration depending on its appearance – whether it is spiky, flowering, flat-leafed – and its age.

If you’re looking for the gift of longevity apparently you’re best off connecting with an old tree, that’s been there a long time, but if you need an instant lift, a sapling might provide more pep.

Mum loved the idea of choosing a tree (or in her case shrub) to suit her energetic needs. During the class she kicked off her shoes to fill her body with the ground’s powerful healing electrons.

While it’s wonderful to be out in a park practicing Qigong there are plenty of powerful exercises you can do at home. Glenys has kindly allowed me to share this unique massage technique featured in her book Love Your Adrenals and Save Your Own Life:

Adrenal Glands – Your Health Warriors

1. Adrenal and Kidney Massage. Before Or After Shower. The Adrenal Glands are under the surface at the top of each kidney.

Picture 1: Starting point

Picture 2: Hands rotate to top then side, down, and continue circling

Picture 3: Hands down and up base of spine to complete exercise

Form each hand into a loose fist with thumbs inside the fingers.

Place hands on the middle of your back at the level of your waist. Gently massage the middle (waist area) of your back (kidney acupressure points) with gentle rotations by the backs of the knuckles of the hands and up to the finger knuckles (the outside of your fists).  Do 36 rotations.

At the end of the rotations, lightly thump down the base of the spine to remove more energy. If you have problems with your kidneys, then next use the palms of your hands to massage the base of the spine for 3-4 minutes.

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8 Responses to Qigong and medicineless hospitals

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