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The Joy of Unremarkable

Spring has finally come to England and my local woodland is filled with warbling birds – robins, finches (I think?) – fossicking among the thistles and swinging from newly greened branches.

If I sound head-in-the-clouds happy, I am.

Winter has passed, I’ve finished writing a book, the EU has voted to save the bees and Searching for Sugar Man star Rodriguez is coming to London…


Mum recently had an MRI showing ‘absolutely no evidence of metastatic nodal disease or likely recurrent ovarian tumour.’

The pathology went on to report that ‘the remainder of the abdomen and pelvis is unremarkable.’

Others have not been so lucky, as Mum is painfully aware – she has lost too many close friends in the last year.

But she wanted to announce her results, not to rub salt in the wound of those who are still very much struggling with cancer, but because people do wonder, when you choose to say no to chemotherapy, whether it is physically possible to overcome the disease.

Two years on from a very scary diagnosis of ovarian and uterine cancer, Mum cannot say she is ‘cured’ (defined as ‘still breathing’ at five years) however she is thrilled to announce she is in vibrant health.

She recently broadcast details of her alternative journey on Perth-based Radio ECU.

While there is certainly no recipe for success – one man’s panacea can be another man’s poison – Mum is often asked which treatments she’s tried over the last two years and which ones she is still using.

For those who are new to this blog, you will find details of the myriad different protocols Mum has tried – including ozone and IV C – under the ‘old blogs’ tab at the top of the webpage.

For seasoned readers, please excuse a little revision.

Here are Mum’s top ten at-home treatments – the ones she still uses on a weekly basis.

* Haelan: This fermented soy beverage is backed by some very exciting research. In short it promotes apoptosis (cancer cell death) reduces circulating oestrogen levels, powers up the immune system and more. I recently contacted Walter Wainright, the foremost researcher on Haelan, and will share details of his research shortly.

* Juicing: Yes I know, every Hollywood celebrity worth their Himalayan salt is touting the benefits of green juice – but for good reason. Sipping on a potent green cocktail – think base notes of broccoli sprouts, kale and wheatgrass – not only packs an anti-cancer punch, it also leads to luminous skin and glossy hair.

* Jumping: Rebounding has been shown to slow ageing, oxygenate the blood, re-energize the brain and dramatically increase lymphatic flow – key for removing toxins and dead cancerous cells. Mum spends twenty minutes three times a week on her mini tramp.

* Oxygen: Cancer loves sugar, hates oxygen – arguably the most important thing to remember in cancer prevention. Mum oxygenates her body in a number of ways – dry brushing, trampolining, and breathing through an oxygen mask connected to her at-home oxygen machine.

* Earthing: Like Miranda Kerr, Mum now sleeps grounded – using special ‘earthed sheets.’

* Coffee Enemas: Yep, still doing them, at least five times a week. She generally takes her coffee break between 3.30-4pm, just so you know.

* Inspiration: Mum believes a connection to spirit has been vital to her recovery. In our household archangels and spirit guides are referred to like family members and called on frequently for help with everything from dishwasher malfunctions to doctor’s appointments.

* No Dairy: Many experts believe milk feeds cancer, namely through the growth factor, IGF-1. ‘IGF-1 is one of the most powerful promoters of cancer growth ever discovered for cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, and colon,’ says leading physician and nutrition expert Dr. John McDougall.

* Far infrared sauna: Mum hops in the hot box twice a week to sweat out toxins, improve circulation and oxygenate her body (can’t say it enough).

*Vitamins and minerals: Intravenous vitamin C was an important protocol for Mum following her diagnosis, but today she keeps her levels topped up with daily sachets of Lypo-spheric C. She also rubs magnesium oil into her adrenal glands, sprays 5000 iu of D3 in her mouth daily and takes supplements to boost glutathione.

I too have embraced almost all these activities (aside from Haelan and breathing through an oxygen machine) as a way of keeping my body healthy.

These days I bore on about the benefits of a non-dairy diet and I’m fairly evangelical about green juice. I can’t remember the last time I exercised in a gym (now that I have a mini tramp) or started the day without asking Archangel Gabriel for some guidance.

I really can’t thank him enough.

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23 Responses to The Joy of Unremarkable

  1. Bob Harding says:

    Dear Laura,
    We are so hapy you and your mum are doing so well. As you are aware any time we can add to the support of the people that suffer with various conditions we are so pleased to be able to help. The Glutathione patch would likely be the most effective product we know to help with most serious conditions along with the other patches for pain, sleep problems etc. We understand there is no other product known today that can raise Glutathione levels to the extent this patch does and all very easily, safely and economically. Since we have introduced the product to South Africa the medical profession there have taken a great interest in the product and many of the reports we have fed back to us can be quite spine tingling. Wishing you both and your follows all the best. Kind regards. Bob [email protected]

  2. Joy Killeen says:

    Oh what wonderful news, a very brave lady indeed. Hugs xx Everytime I read a blog post I learn more about how we can better look after ourselves. Thank you Laura and enjoy your Spring days. Regards JoyK

  3. anthea krost says:

    joyus news Laura and congratulations on keeping us all informed and positive. Peace and Love
    Anthea Krost

  4. Chinny says:

    Simply wonderful! x

  5. corinne says:

    congratulations to you both! well done and keep up the great work!

  6. Fiona Perman says:

    A brilliant outcome for a brilliant woman. So pleased for you all Laura… well done on the blog – it is inspirational xx

  7. Athene Baugh says:

    So thrilled to hear your unremarkable news about your remarkable mum. Please give her our love. We saw and loved Searching for the Sugarman. Sadly, I can’t see him visiting downtown Perth, so we may have to find a future schedule, and travel long distances to see him. What a fantastic voice he has! We are still trying to get off dairy!! Keep in touch. AB

  8. sarah beasley says:

    Hi Laura,
    Fantastic news on your mum bless her. I have really missed your monthly posts and cant wait until your book is published. So much brilliant information thank you so much for sharing it with us. My mum is fine off treatment now and still living life to the full. Love to you and your family x x x x

  9. Vincent says:

    What fantastic news Laura and what great timing too as your hopefully book will soon be released. This is a journey that has been taken by a few but watched by many. I am sure that this will inspire those onlookers to take the first tentative steps on their own journey to good health, through the healing intelligence of nature.

  10. Anne says:

    You mentioned, keep away from dairy, does this include fermented dairy like yoghurt, quark, cottage cheese?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Anne, unfortunately for Mum it does mean staying away from all dairy. However some experts believe that when you mix flaxseed oil with cottage cheese in the correct amounts ( as in the Budwig protocol) the mixture loses its dairy properties.

  11. Mags says:

    Wow, that is such great news, I followed the blog with great interest, as so very many of my friends have been diagnosed in recent years, it takes so much courage to do what your Mum has done, so it is just brilliant

  12. Michelle says:

    Well done,
    There is a lot of great info on alternative cancer therapies on the Internet.My father passed away 5 years ago age 77.Since then I have bought many books & searched the Internet.
    I found ‘ Bill Hendersons’ book great,also Ty bollingers great.
    Cancer & max also’ cancer is’
    Cancer loves sugar and hates oxygen is very true.
    Good luck on your journey.

  13. Karenne says:

    Congratulations to you Laura & Gemma. It is wonderful to hear you are free of cancer Gemma and thank you to you both for sharing your story, journey & success with us. I am sure you are happy to continue your healthy lifestyle for life now and I am sure you will be rewarded with continued good health & vitality. You have inspired the rest of us through your wonderful blog to look after our bodies more and to be more open to treatments outside the “Medicial Profession”. We do have a choice (so far anyway)! Best wishes Karenne x

  14. Anne says:

    Thanks Laura. You’ve done a wonderful job with your mum. I’ve just lost my mum through stage IV lung cancer, where it has spread out to the meninges last Saturday. She fought very hard. Unfortunately I wasn’t as knowledgble as you are. Do you mind telling me, how many gram of IV vit C your mum is taking and how many sachets of LypoSpheric Vit C she is taking? My mum started on Lypo Vit C but I’ve leave it a bit too late, it has spread out to the meninges.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Anne, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum – that’s devastating news. No one can ever predict how things will work out – however much knowledge you have and no matter what path you choose.
      When Mum was first diagnosed she started having 60,000 milligrams of vitamin C intravenously, two to three times a week. Now takes one sachet of LypoSpheric C daily.
      Lots of love to you and your family.

  15. Laura, what wonderful, wonderful news. I’m so very happy for you and your mum. Sat 11th May was my 6th anniversary and I’m super fit and well!
    I continue to be an avid reader of your blog which I find immensely useful and informative.I can’t wait to read your book.
    Well done indeed, your mum is truly blessed to have you in her corner. Thank you both for sharing.
    Jessica Richards.xxxx

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