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Clued up Cafés

Although Mum does have her days where she misses dairy (moussaka longing) sugar (the carrot cake lovingly made) and wheat (the comfort of a chicken sandwich) for the most part she’s adapted to the new way of eating, without a backward glance.

Kate Moss famously said ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.’

For Mum, knowing she is filling her body with nourishing, immune boosting foods, beats the fleeting pleasure of creamy pasta.

That said, sometimes she does relax the rules and indulge a craving, but it tends to come with a serving of guilt afterwards.

The answer?

When she wants to let her wimples down without the worry, she heads to the Raw Kitchen or Manna Wholefoods where she can have that special treat, guilt free – a slice of raw, gluten free pizza, a sugar-and-dairy-free chocolate truffle, washed down with an almond milk latte.


Forward-thinking cafés and restaurants are now sprouting up around the world, responding to a global hunger for healthier options.

They provide delicious proof that a healthy, anti-cancer diet doesn’t have to be all about denial.

Here are a few of my favourites – I would love to hear yours…



The Raw Kitchen, Perth

The raw pizza goes fast at this popular hang out in Fremantle. Everything on the menu is dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten – and guilt – free.















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Manna Wholefoods and Café, Perth

Before you fill your trolley with organic fruits and veggies, sprouted breads and organic beauty products take a moment to enjoy a raw almond milk smoothie and a vibrant spicy salad. Mmm boy.



Wild Food Café, London

You can now indulge in a glass of biodynamic wine alongside your olive and shiitake burger with dairy free pumpkin seed cheeze. This Covent Garden haunt is always packed and the meals choc-full of flavour.



Vitao, London

In the heart of Soho this gourmet café caters to an eclectic, creative crowd. Inexpensive and seriously moorish look out for the courgette noodles with miso dressing, raw lasagna and homemade kim chee. Also features a ‘Vespresso bar’ serving coffee substitutes such as carob, maca and macha.

Saf Restaurant, London (and Turkey)

Situated at the top of Wholefoods Market the restaurant delivers exciting artisanal dishes – think cauliflower ‘wings’ marinated in Spanish sweet paprika and chipotle chilli.

Café Pinson, Paris

Veggies salads, edgie vibe, hazelnut milk coffee and freshly made juices. Recently opened in the Marais district, this San Fran inspired café does a roaring trade for Sunday Brunch. heard about this one through a certain ‘Paris Stilton’, aka my sister,

The Urth Café, Los Angeles

The West Hollywood outlet (on Melrose Ave) is the original of this LA chain, which specialises in organic coffee and tasty fresh food. Look out for Jessica Alba and Katy Perry while you feast on wild smoked salmon and organic scrambled eggs.

Life Cafe, Hong Kong

Swap pork dim sums for Aztec organic quinoa, jicama, mixed peppers, carrot, marinated black bean and sweet and sour red onions and chilli lime dressing. The founder of this popular organic restaurant and bar recently set up another organic venture – Mana! Fast Slow and

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6 Responses to Clued up Cafés

  1. donnella buxton says:

    Wow, this food look awesome. I have another place in Perth you could try it was owned by a good friend, but he has since sold it. The food is fantastic there, my favourite is the Tempeh burger, the menu caters for most and is all organic. The cafe is called: Source Foods 289 Beaufort Street, Perth WA.
    Our family recently holiday in Yallingup and we dine at the Yallingup beach cafe and to my surprise they were serving up Kombucha Tea.
    It was on the news about six weeks ago about people selling Black Salve and it was not good for the people selling it as the police raided there businesses and homes. It was a sad day as another choice is taken away from those who wish to try something different. I personally know a lady who used it on her breast cancer and she is alive and well and has no traces of cancer any more.
    I missed your stories, It’s good to have them back. I hope all went well with you book writing good luck and best wishes. Donnella

    • Laura says:

      Hi Donnella, great to hear from you! I had no idea about Source Foods – will definitely check it out next time I’m back in Perth – Yallingup beach cafe too.
      Yes it’s a sad story about Black Salve. I have now heard so many incredible testimonials.
      Thanks again for your lovely message and well wishes xx

  2. Vikki K says:

    The Green Tomato Grill at Anaheim, CA, and Mandala Organic Arts and Café at Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast (Australia) are two delightful surprises of restaurants.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Laura.
    Samudra in Dunsborough WA is fantastic! Make sure you check it out next time you’re back. You can also do a yoga class if you’re up for it! X

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