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Find Your Passion


Mum and one of her charges

‘I’ve never felt happier or healthier,’ Mum said to me the other day. She had just come in from her third dog walk of the day; she’s looking after four of them at the moment. ‘Isn’t that a bit much?’ I said. ‘When does everyone get back from holiday?’

‘Oh it’s fine,’ Mum said. ‘I’m getting lots of oxygen and vitamin D, and as Caroline Myss says, you’ve got to become a verb, not a noun, if you want to heal. You’ve got to get off your butt and get moving.’

Mum now admits that prior to her diagnosis she was just going through the motions: she had lost her passion for life.

She had forgone a career to look after four children and was left stymied with indecision when we all left home. Mum felt unfulfilled, but didn’t know where to look for inspiration.

Ironically, cancer has renewed her lust for life. She has always been passionate about alternative health and in the last eighteen months she’s been invited to share her knowledge and experience through various radio shows and seminars.

So how important is it for us to have a passion in our life?

‘That’s why we’re here!’ says Bryan Hubbard, co-editor of What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You. ‘It’s our soul purpose for being on this planet, there’s no other reason to be here.’

A few months ago I interviewed Bryan about his new book Time-Light. The central idea is that when we allow ourselves to get weighed down by past experiences we become ‘Time Heavy’: his book offers a roadmap for how to become more Time-Light.

Here is a little more about it…

What sparked this idea that we can become ‘time heavy’?

‘There were a number of factors… one was my father’s death. There was nothing physically wrong with him, but there was just this sense that he had ‘had enough of life.’ He quite literally rolled over in his bed and decided to die.

And it’s not an unusual phenomenon, I mean there are many people who say my mother or father… just felt they had enough of being alive.

We all know it happens, and yet we’re told that our genes and our DNA determines how long we live.  But to me it’s fairly clear, we are imbued with a spirit or energy that determines so much.

I could tell you about my own mother… She was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer a few years ago – and given a few months to live. With the help of her doctor, Patrick Kingsley, she radically changed her diet, gave up the white bread etc, and started having high dose intravenous vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide. Four months later? She was completely cured.

But there was more to it than that. It was the first time our family really rallied around her and expressed our great love for Mum, and I’m sure that had as much to do with her cancer reversal as the actual treatment.’

Can you explain what it is to be ‘time heavy’?

‘Life experiences way you down in such a way that that spirit flickers and then seems to almost go out. It affects all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, when we can’t live in the present moment because our mind is too full of the past.’

What signs or symptoms might alert us to the fact we need to lighten up?

‘The everyday ones are depression, anxiety, being very snappy with people, being impatient, not being able to control your temper, being up and down – obviously sometimes those things have a biochemical cause, but what I’m talking about is like a metaphysical malaise – so taking antidepressant pills won’t touch it.’

How does your theory relate to something like cancer?

‘There are many reasons for cancer.

If you’re a heavy smoker that will have a biochemical effect that causes cancer, but you also might ask ‘why are you smoking in the first place?’

If you live next to a nuclear power plant then it might come as no surprise when you develop cancer. So these are just straight cases of cause and effect – nothing to do with psychological issues.

But beyond that then you are dealing with other issues. And it is not dealing with these issues – the anger, the unresolved issues, the lack of fulfilment – that will manifest as disease, cancer being one of them.’

In your book you talk of us all having a ‘potential self’ what do you mean by that?

‘The potential is the most interesting part of the self, it’s the one that says ‘When are you going to be glorious?’ ‘When are you going to be a triumph and really express yourself in this world ?’ ‘ When are you going to love fully enough and be loved fully enough.’

When this aspect is dampened down, invariably by the past again, then that can sometimes be a cause of cancer.

A friend of ours, Dr Bernie Siegel, has done so much work on this.

The first thing he says to a patient is ‘what do you really want to do with your life, that you’ve never done?’

It doesn’t have to be amazing, like ‘build the Taj Mahal’ it can be something like ‘I always wanted to paint but… ‘I never felt there was time,’ or ‘I never felt I was good enough,’ or ‘my parents never encouraged it.’

Bernie will say ‘well paint!’ From today, give yourself that present of painting and that is part of that expression of the glorious self.

And when you’re in touch with that?

Hey presto, you’re powerful. And then suddenly the need for the cancer might go away, because the purpose of the cancer is always to point at something. In Bernie’s experience when you’re finally expressing yourself and doing what you love, the cancer often vanishes.’


But sometimes despite everything it doesn’t.

In the last six months Mum has had to say goodbye to two special people to cancer. Both tried everything conventional and alternative medicine had to offer – including exploring the emotional/spiritual side of healing.

As Carolyn Myss so beautifully puts it in ‘Why People Don’t Heal and How they Can’ sometimes it’s just time for the spirit to be called home.



Bryan Hubbard and his wife Lynne McTaggart have just launched a glossy, newsstand version of their popular journal What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You. It’s available at supermarkets and WH Smiths.

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