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‘Black Salve Saved my Life’

This is the product the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about. It’s a remedy so simple anyone can make it at home. It’s been around since the 12th century and when applied topically it selectively kills cancer cells according to experts. Many claim it’s been a lifesaver. One of them is Livia, from Perth, Western Australia.

Here is her story, in her own words:

‘A few years ago a mole appeared between my breasts and in 2007 it started to attract my attention. It started to itch like crazy.

The mole looked like a miniscule bunch of grapes, very small – maybe a centimetre in size. I went to the doctor and he said, ‘No worries Livia, it’s nothing.’

But I knew something wasn’t right. I showed it to a friend of mine, June and she suggested I rub something called ‘Black Salve’ onto it. She said: ‘Look Livia, you have nothing to lose, if it’s nothing the black salve won’t have any affect and if it’s something more serious, the black salve will take it away.’

Within twenty-four hours of putting the paste on I could feel something happening. There was a very mild burning, a sort of drawing feeling. The next day the redness around the mole had gone from being two centimetres to five centimetres.

June got in touch with a man in America who regularly consults with experienced doctors, and she emailed him a photo of my chest. He said, ‘Definitely put the paste on again. Leave it for three to four days – no more than that – put it all over the redness this time, not just on the little spot.’

Three days later I thought ‘Oh my God.’ This thing grew bigger and bigger, it looked like a spider with legs and I thought ‘Christ what’s going on!’ I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I thought he would kill me for trying this ‘crazy’ therapy!

But my friend – and the consultant – both reassured me. The two of them were supervising me the whole time. I went to the chemist and bought a large gauze patch, to cover the sore on my skin. At this stage, there was a pulling sensation and a bit of pain and I could see that something was coming out. I took some painkillers so I wasn’t so uncomfortable.

By the fifth day this thing was like, no joke, the size of a dinner roll. It was like another breast.

I put the paste and gauze on one last time and the man in America said: ‘Don’t worry, no more paste [after this] just leave the gauze, leave it for 24 hours, you will find that everything will come out. Don’t be concerned with the hole that you will be left with, because within three days it will heal.’

By the way this man we were speaking to in America? It was free to contact him. He never asked for a cent.

So anyway by the fifth day this thing was huge, and it was painful, pussy and disgusting. It was monstrous.

On the fifth day I called my friend and said ‘look I’m coming over.’ It was 11pm at night but I said I’m coming over and I’m staying with you. My husband didn’t mind.

It was nearly midnight and we were emailing the American guy and he said ‘take that gauze off, don’t worry it will heal.’ You had to see it. It was like a piece of meat – red with roots.

But as soon as this thing came off  the pain disappeared.

Interestingly, I hadn’t been able to breathe properly for three years. I was constantly catching my breath and I didn’t know why. But as soon as this thing came off, I could breathe freely.

My friend had the special hermetically sealed container ready to go – to have the tissue lab tested immediately.

I was told to put [food grade] hydrogen peroxide on the wound on my chest. I did that three or four times a day and it wasn’t painful at all.

Three days later, you would not believe it! My breast had almost completely healed. Now all I have is a tiny white mark – as if I had had an operation and had stitches. It’s miniscule.

The man in America – and the experts he consults with – believed it was the worst melanoma they had ever seen. He said I would have lost two breasts and maybe my life. But instead I used the black salve for five days – and had three days of healing. I tell this story to everyone. It saved my life.

We really wanted to get the ‘tumour’ lab tested, but even though we took it to the doctor within hours they said it ‘wasn’t live’ and they ‘couldn’t test it.’

What a joke! The biggest lie ever.

When I told my doctor about what happened he thought I was nuts. But to his credit he is actually now reading up about the black salve and told me a few months ago  ‘Well there’s something here I’ve got to admit it.’


A little while later, it was discovered that June’s daughter-in-law had a skin cancer on the back of her hand. ‘Cutting into it would have damaged many nerves so she tried the black salve which worked beautifully,’ says June.

They went to the specialist, had tests done and she was cancer free. Weeks after that, black salve was  banned in Australia.

To listen to testimonies from others and to find out how to make Black Salve go to:

One Answer to  Cancer (

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22 Responses to ‘Black Salve Saved my Life’

  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Laura
    That is a great post and Black Salve, as it says in the story, is now illegal in Australia because like many other natural cancer treatments that work,, they don’t make any profit for drug companies and goverments. It is Ok to kill and cripple people with drugs but curing people with nature, is out of the question! Keep up this great work and we all look forward to your book.

  2. JENNI says:

    Ive used Black Salve.
    I had this puffy sore on my arm looked liked a blister used the black salve left it on for 24 hours there was a feeling of heat and a drawing sensation removed the black salve after 24 hours the sore was yellow and about 20cm round used the perxiode every day day for 2 weeks the wound dried up then fell out took a week or 2 to fill . Was cancer if Id gone to the doctor Im sure they would have cut out a larger section then needed.
    I swear by black salve.

  3. Kaz says:

    I know so many people who have had cancers removed using black salve. It is amazing stuff and works so quickly. The one answer to cancer dvd is a “must watch” doco. Such an eye opener!! I agree with Vincents comment to keep up this great work and thanks!

  4. Nancy Keeler says:

    Thank you for this post. I have heard/read about this magical Black Salve and the people who have had success with it. Hopefully the ingredients will stay legal as opposed to those who would use Hemp Oil. I would definitely use it before I let any oncologist use their Cut, Poison and Burn options on me.

  5. cathy says:

    Another great blog, thanks Laura. I have used black salve on numerous squamous and basal cell carcinomas on my 93 year old father. with wonderful results. One of them had already been excised by his GP and he was about to cut it out again. My sister has also used it on one that sounded very much like Livia’s which was between her breasts and when it detached appeared to have tentacle like offshoots. It is criminal that peolpe are prevented from using safe treatments like black salve and forced to cut, burn and poison with serious side effects and disfigurement. Cathy

  6. Rick says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Laura, great to hear about yet another healing to add to the tens of thousands out there.
    Im on that list too, and have been telling people about black salve for the last decade. Ive got more pictures, testimonials and videos up at BlackSalveinfoDOTcom. I do not sell the product but report what others like yourself have experienced. Keep telling the world and God bless you and your family!

  7. Khrob Edmonds says:

    G’day all – while I absolutely applaud Laura & her Mum’s efforts to explore all the possibilities in what is one tough battle, I just want to make the counter-point in this case.

    If this particular salve did work, why would the pharmaceutical industry not be simply slapping their own label on it and making a profit? If it is such a simple cure, they’d be all over it – much moreso because the ingredients are readily available – and cheap, ensuring their markup would be even more massive. (As if they’d lower the final cost of the product if they can make it cheaper!)

    With any form of treatment (or anything you put on/in your body) PLEASE be careful. This stuff sounds like it is literally burning your skin off.

    Best wishes to all fighting this battle in their own ways. May you all find success down whichever avenues you choose to follow.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Khrob,

      Thanks for taking the time to email – very valid question you’ve raised. The general disinterest pharmaceutical companies have in natural products comes from the fact they can’t be patented. Therefore they will never bring in the giant revenues pharmaceutical companies are looking for. It’s also the reason there has been a lack of clinical trials for natural cancer cures. Clinical trials cost millions of dollars and without the backing of a pharmaceutical company that kind of money is hard to find.

      It’s a great shame treatments like black salve can’t be approved and used by qualified physicians. If that was the case, then people struggling with cancer wouldn’t risk going it alone without supervision. Black salve is a powerful substance and I totally agree with you that people should take the time to find someone experienced, as Livia did, who can guide them through the process. As a final note I’d just like to re-iterate that I’m certainly not advising people to use black salve or indeed any of the treatments or products I mention on this blog. I am merely sharing information various experts have kindly passed onto me and real life experiences from other natural cancer survivors.

      Best wishes,


      • Vincent says:

        Laura, this blog is creating the sort of interest and attention that is needed to get change in the world. The Cancer industry is an extremely profitable one and people with a vested interest (from politicians to oncologists and drug companies) are going to kick, scream and deride all the way to the job centre.. Like Gandhi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” I think you are definately through the first stage, people are taking notice!! Max Gerson was curing cancer 60 years ago and his legacy is many thousands of medical records to prove it. There have been quite a few like Max Gerson, all have kept meticulously documented cases, not anecdotal stories, that show they have cured the so called incurable, like pancreatic cancer for instance. So why are we still beng told that the cure for cancer is just around the corner? Like the elephant in the room, it has been in full view (but conveniently ignored) for 60 years or more. Why don’t more of the general public know about these cancer treatments that work and cause no harm to patients? Why are we still being emotionally blackmailed into donating ‘Just £2 or 4 or £10 a month” to Cancer Research Charities’ who are just a front for drug companies. Why aren’t we using the millions that are donated to help find a cure for cancer, to fund trials on Gerson, Kelley, Burzinski and the other natural therapies that have been highly successful in treating and curing cancer? I think everyone should be asking their local MP’s , just that question!!

        • donnella buxton says:

          Dear Vincent,
          This was one of the best comments made on this blog. I think a lot of people would agree with you. I am amazed at how many sick people do no research at all, I hear it on the radio and tv all the time, they just listed to every word there doctors tell them. There lack of knowledge sometimes leads to there death. Thanks Vincent it was a great read.

  8. amber skyring says:

    I am based in the Uk and ordered black salve from America. I read up on everything i could get my hands on before using it and was very thorough. I followed the instructions and was in a great deal of pain so much so I had to take a great deal of pain killers each day ( i never take painkillers for anything). I got the reaction I expected from the tumor site but I did not get huge hole ( although there was a hole where something came out) and although I got all the pulling feelings described it did not take my tumor out ( this was a confirmed cancerous tumor). It also did not heal fully and left a very ugly sore scar! I strongly advise only to use black salve under the supervsion of practioner who has experience of using this. It is very very powerful stuff and in hindsight i should have heeded some of the warnings I read. All black salves are not all created equal! Please be very careful and make sure you are confident of the source of the product and that you have support. I am stilling healing myself from cancer and feel there is a gentle way of doing this. This was a very painful and very scary process for me and my family and I would not advocate for its use without proper guidance and professional support. Please take your time before making any decisions in haste or fear. heal gentle my friends…….

  9. Borys says:

    I had a scaly sore on my lower lip that lasted several months and was slowly increasing in size! An important indication that it was not a normal sore, but rather cancer that was growing. So I purchased “Black Salve” and the video. After applying the salve, I experienced a slight itching/ tingling sensation which after several days (3 or 4) dropped off and left a funnel shaped hollow/hole just like that one shown in the DVD. The area healed perfectly, without leaving any scar or mark.

    Hence I am a 100% believer in the product, but am totally disgusted that the Australian Labor government can be so stupid as to outlaw this magic product. Which brings me to this very important point!!! Why this product cannot be dispensed – free of charge by the supplier in W.A. – and then why cannot the recipient make a “free thank you donation” of say $25.00 or whatever to help meet the cost of ingredients incurred by the “donator”??? Because to me this product is worth its weight in GOLD!!! so keep up your excellent work Laura, because if ever a statue is erected in your honor, I will most certainly donate towards it. Happily you will always remain a “pearl of a gem” in my mind!

    • helen says:

      Hello Bory, It looks like you had a good batch of salve, are you able to share your source? I bought some about 8 years ago from centreforce in Qld but sadly Bevan was forced to close, I think these days the only way is by word of mouth. I hope this email finds ou well, Kind regards, helen

  10. Karenne says:

    Thanks Laura for posting Livia’s story… and Livia for sharing it with us. As I have commented before my 86 year old mother has used the black salve on many occassions without any harm to her whatsoever. Contrary to what you read on the internet – it is NOT CORROSIVE on the skin. Just make sure you buy from a reputable source. It is a disgrace that it has been banned in Australia (not that it will stop our family using it). I have not had any skin cancers – but I know I will be treating myself with the Black Salve as I have seen first hand how effective and safe this natural product is. Thank you “Borys” for sharing your story………your success is no surprise to me. Of course if you are battling a large (cancerous) tumor it would be advisable to work with a professional person (with a knowledge of Black Salve) who can best advise you on your treatment. Glad to hear your Mum is doing so well Laura and thank you again for all your hard work in keeping this an interesting and informative website.

  11. Hi Laura
    This has been one of the most fascinating subjects you have covered in your brilliant blog.
    I have a question for you or anyone else, is the black salve only appropriate for topical cancers or has anyone used it for cancers under, but near the skin surface such as breast cancer?
    Thanks again for all this info. Do you think you can add a share on Face Book and share on Twitter icon icon?
    Much love

    • Laura says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your lovely feedback. Thrilled to see your book getting lots of coverage and doing well! I have heard of black salve being used by some Australian ladies to treat breast cancer. Next time I go home I’m going to try and investigate that further. You should be able to share the blog through Face Book through joining the ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo’ group? The icon for twitter and FB are on my homepage. Will look into a share button… you’re right that would make things easier.

      lots of love


  12. Judith says:

    what is the formula to make black salve in your home as you stated that can be done.

  13. Hi laura
    I have found your wonderful Blog by chance and so glad I did. I am sitting here with black slave on my body feeling a sight pain which I am happy about as I know the salve is working.
    Here are some answers to some questions that were asked:
    1) If the scar does not heal, sometimes all the cancer is not out so i have revisited the area after a month and started over again. this has happened on my face where the scar was not healing properly. If you pick at the scab or touch it before the salve has done its job you may still have cancerous cells left. If you get the scab wet or have a surgical tape on it and change the tape, it can pulled the scab before it has done its job. I prefer no water on the scab at all and no tape after a couple of days other wise it seems to take longer to heal. Also another trick is to use a Blue LED light on the wound as it helps to heal the scab faster.
    1B) I treated a man last year who had most of the left bottom part of his face eaten away due to cancer and using the Black Salve incorrectly.. Obviously if you have cancer that is deep and webbed you do not want to place large amounts of salve on your body as the salve travels to find the cancer. This man was eager to remove the cancer so put it over the whole 1/4 of his face. This is what I feel the women on the Quack Watch website did as well. Do up a grid and treat a section at a time on your body and wait until one section is healed before starting another ( unless in a very different location).. I know it is hard as it can take months to clear your self but be patient. It is an issue if you have to put tape over the wound as it then can take longer to heal. catch 22.
    My family are so cross with me as I aways have tape or scabs but i DO NOT CARE.. and there are 2 reasons why I do not care what people think..
    a) I have seen that patient with half his face gone, but he is still alive due to black salve and i know if i listen to the medicos or my family I will end up along a dark path just to please them…
    B) I have watched my cousin’s life and her family suffer when “The Butchers” removed my couisn’s nose, cheeks, skin grafts and reconstructed her face due to a tiny cancer on her nose. She is now totally strange looking and does not want to go out of the house. Even though my family understand why I am doing this they still complain with what i am doing and think I am the freak. 🙂 and addicted to the Black Salve.. no I am just addicted to LIVING.
    2) Jessica, to answer your question re cancer under the skin. Doctors over the years have told me that the fatty cyst ( the size of a 10 cent piece ) under the skin on the top of my leg was NOTHING. But i had had enough, so i applied the salve in August 2012.. it just went a bit red but no pain.. so I kept applying it and finally some small white pimples type bumps appeared but they went away. I let the infammation calm down then started the protocol again… So this week I have applied the salve every day again and finally huge eruptions all over my leg and the cyst is breaking up and coming to the surface. It is stinging. raw and angry looking and now the area the size of my palm is infalmmed and but i am so happy. Am i scared NO, was i ever worried NO.

    i have treated brown flat sunspots that the Mole Clinics in Melbourne have said were OK on numerous occassions. These turned out to be very large scabs. “HEAL THY SELF” from now on. I had a Thermography done last week ( another thing that is almost banned and gone underground, most of the world uses it to detect breast cancer except English speaking countries, All of China uses it) Anyway it showed up the hot areas where I had the salve on my body and also the breast tissue that is low risk but needs to be watched as it was showing yellow (not red) for lumpy tissue.. thank god for these other protocols because now I can work on the hormones etc and use the salve if I need to.. If any one needs to know about the theremogaphy email me.. as it is not easy to find for obvious reasons. One interesting extra bit of info: on Open day at Monash Uni last year i went to the radiograpy talk for VCE students, the head of the department said they the Phd students are currently working on another way to do breast screening as the current testing has issues and will be stopped in the future. They are Reinventing the wheel and no doubt with toxic side affects meanwhile Thermography is OK for the governement to use for body scans at the airports but not for finding breast cancer. I guess the millions around the world must all be wrong.. [email protected] if you need addresses of suppliers or pics of the above. I have documented every step if first timers are interested. Also know how to get around the BS issue and alternatives. Ciao Mich xx

    • helen says:

      hi Michelle, love your work, the network is the only way to go, I have some questions, if that’s ok? I have some old salve but not sure of its potency as I bought it from Centreforce about 8 years ago (now closed) & not sure of its potency, I have an odd thing come up on my leg & I’ve been applying it with no reaction. I wonder if you can advise where I can get this as it seems so cloak and dagger now. I wonder also if you”re aware of any thermography clinics in SE QLD? And one last curiosity, when you say you”re working on yr hormones, how do you do this? I’m an avid researcher myself but love to hear what others are doing & information share. Warm wishes Michelle, wish you a lovely day

  14. WIN CURRIE says:

    Thank you for posting your story, Laura. A year or so into my nurse training I nursed a lady with her breast removed for cancer, and saw the shocking emotional and physical pain these women go through. Shortly after meeting her I saw the results of a large study on the subject of breast removal which showed removal does not extend the life of these women. I was appalled that it was still being done routinely, followed by poisoning and burning which gave these women no chance of survival. Sad to say that was over 40 years ago and nothing’s changed. I heard recently about black salve, but yours is the first story I’ve read and I hope it goes all around the world. I’m so thrilled for you and thank you again for writing your story.

  15. Ruth Dee says:

    I used black salve for a melanoma on my leg. Six times over six weeks I applied it, and six times a large white gob of tissue came out. Eventually the whole thing has calmed down and healed over. My blood tests have given me the all-clear now. It was painful, but it was effective.

    PS I tested the salve on normal skin first, and there was no reaction!

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