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Microwaves – a hot potato

In our quick-fix culture, dinnertime for many has been reduced to a ‘ring and ping’ affair: calling the local Thai takeaway or shoving a lean-cuisine in the microwave is a convenient choice in an overscheduled life.

But choosing the easy option could be wreaking havoc on your health.

‘There’s nothing more disastrous than a microwave oven,’ says Burton Goldberg, renowned cancer coach and star of Cancer Conquest and Cancer is Curable Now (if you hadn’t noticed, alternative cancer films are becoming the new art house).

‘It kills the enzymes in the food, destroys them, and creates a monster food… yet nobody talks about it.’ (Taken from Healing Cancer World Summit 2011)

In Russia, microwave ovens have been banned for several decades, according to  Andreas Moritz, author of Cancer is Not a Disease: It’s a Survival Mechanism.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Moritz, a medical intuitive, practitioner of Ayurveda and contributor to Natural News.

So what do Russians have against this kitchen staple?

‘Russian researchers have found decreased nutritional value, cancer making compounds and brain damaging radiolytics in virtually all microwave-prepared foods,’ he says.

According to Moritz the Russian scientists found a decreased nutritional value in up to 90% of all microwave-prepared food.

‘ In addition the B complex, C and E vitamins – linked with stress reduction and the prevention of cancer and heart disease… were all rendered useless by microwaves, even after short cooking durations,’ he says.

Would you like some stomach cancer with that defrosted lasagna?

In Dr. Lita Lee’s book, Health Effects of Microwave Radiation – Microwave Ovens, and in the March and September 1991 issues of Earthletter, she states that microwave ovens convert foods into organ-toxic and carcinogenic products.

Dr. Lita Lee also found that eating nuked food lead to malfunctions within the lymphatic systems, a higher percentage of cancerous cells within the blood and more cancer-causing free radicals.

Moritz work further validates the microwave/cancer connection. According to his book, Russian researchers reported increased rates of stomach and intestinal cancers and a higher percentage of cell tumours amongst people eating microwave-cooked meals.

Just warming up

A few years ago a Swiss study analysed hospital patients fed raw, cooked and microwaved foods. They drew blood from the subjects before, during and after eating. The results were astounding.

The blood samples taken from those eating cooked food came out slightly better than those on a raw food diet, but the blood taken from those eating microwaved foods revealed serious health concerns.

*Blood hemoglobin levels decreased significantly after ingesting microwaved foods

*Microwaves altered protein molecules

* Levels of leukocytes increased after eating microwaved foods (Apparently leukocytes increase in response to foreign invaders and may indicate poisoning or cell damage).

*LDL cholesterol increased relative to HDL cholesterol

So where were the newspaper headlines?

The Swiss Government suppressed the information because it compromised the microwave industry. The researchers were summarily sued by the ‘Swiss Association of Dealers for Electroapparatuses for Households and Industry’ and one of the authors was convicted by the Swiss Federal Court of ‘interfering with commerce.’

‘That’s why I say the most important thing in medicine is politics, being allowed to tell the truth,’ says Goldberg.

‘In this country (USA), you can’t tell the truth about vitamins and minerals, what it does for you. …the FDA says it’s a drug, if you make [health] claims.’ (Healing Cancer World Summit )

Microwave food might make you stupid

According to Dr. Lita Leeregularly eating microwaved food can cause long term, permanent, brain damage by ‘de-magnetizing’ the brain tissue.

Eating microwaved food can also apparently lead to loss of memory, concentration and emotional instability.

If that’s not bad enough zapping leftovers might also mess with your libido.

Dr Lee found that male and female hormone production is shut down by continually eating microwaved foods.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t be tempted to warm-up breast-milk in the microwave.

In the journal Pediatrics (April 1992) Stanford researchers revealed that microwaving human milk, even at a low setting, can destroy some of the potent immune-boosting antibodies and encourage the growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

But what shocked me the most, was that even if you don’t use the microwave sitting in your kitchen, it still might be affecting your health:

‘The radiation from the microwave has been found to accumulate in the kitchen furniture, becoming a constant source of radiation in itself,’ says Moritz.

So even if the microwave languishes on the bench-top – waiting for the occasional evening when your boyfriend returns half-cut and decides to heat up the bolognaise – you could still be suffering from its deleterious effects.

I personally haven’t had a microwave in my flat for several years, and I don’t miss it at all. It only takes a few minutes more to heat something up in the oven – or on the stovetop – and having a rice-cooker means there’s usually warm rice ready to eat.

And with the three month supply of wheatgrass shots currently taking up two shelves in my freezer – there’s scant space for frozen meals (More on that soon).

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5 Responses to Microwaves – a hot potato

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