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Dr Coldwell Part 2

Last month I had the privilege of speaking with Dr Leonard Coldwell. The German-born doctor boasts a 92.3% success rate for treating cancer patients; has written a raft of best-selling books, including The Only Answer to Cancer; and famously cured his own mother of terminal liver cancer, when he was still a teenager. If you missed the first part of the interview here is a little soupcon:

‘…you have to understand that it will never be one single thing that cures cancer…If you get vitamin C intravenously, once a day or three times a day your cancerous tumours are gone in twelve days in my experience – all of them. But of course they will come back if you never address the root cause: the bad marriage, the horrible job…the lack of hope, the lack of love, the lack of self-love. These are the causes of cancer.’

To read Part 1 of the interview, click here:

Dr C – as he likes to be called – believes that 86% of all cancers are caused by mental and emotional stress. ‘So what about the other 14%?’ I wondered. According to Dr C other contributing factors include bad diet, a lack of exercise, too much acidity … and vaccinations:

‘There’s only 14% of cancer that is caused by outside forces. The main cause is vaccinations,’ said Dr C when we last spoke.

I was quite taken aback by his answer: I wanted to know more about the vaccine/cancer connection and to find out whether it was possible to cleanse the carcinogenic substances from your body.

Four years ago I had the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. Not knowing any better, I thought it was the right thing to do to protect myself from cervical cancer – how naïve I was! Having looked into the issue I rue the day I rolled up my sleeve for the persistent GP.

I have since had trouble with my vision and issues with my fertility and from what I’ve read these are two of the most common Gardasil side effects. So I was all-ears when Dr C started talking about what you can do to limit the damage that may have been caused by vaccines.

In Part Two of this interview Dr C also touches on the importance of enzymes, the power of juicing, and a few other basic, but powerful healing tools. So if you’re interested read on…

So why do vaccines cause cancer?

Dr C: ‘Basically everything that’s in them causes cancer. There’s formaldehyde, mercury, dioxins… there are live cancer genes in the vaccines. There are neurological damaging elements in every vaccine. The Gardasil vaccine has only been produced – in our experience and opinion – to make all these young girls infertile. Nearly every girl that has had Gardasil is infertile to a certain degree. And most will get cancer.’

Wow – OK. That’s a bold statement. So if you’re like me and did get the Gardasil vaccine… what can you do?

Dr C: ‘First of all there is always hope. Never believe there is a situation where you cannot repair. How old are you?’

I’m 29.

Dr C: ‘So that means you have another six years to repair everything you’ve ever done to your body. Up to the age of 28 we all grow, physically. That’s why every athlete is at its peak at the age of 28. Then we have another seven years – to the age of 35 – where we’re kind of in this state of limbo; where we still have a lot of regeneration powers.

Of course we can do a lot of help prevent this [ageing process] because I have a friend who’s 76 years old and he looks like Sylvester Stallone in the height of his prime. He’s one of the fittest and healthiest people I’ve ever met in my life. He just got married again – his wife is 30 years younger – so it’s all good. Do you have children Laura?’

No, but I would like to have children one day. But first I want to get the Gardasil out of my system… how do I do that?

Dr C: ‘Healing and cleansing starts with four litres of water a day. That’s really important, especially for you. The body is like a river, as long as the water is flowing, we really can dump a lot of stuff in there and it cleans itself.

But imagine a river that’s stuck for a week – for five or seven days – everything is rotten, all the fish die because it doesn’t clean itself anymore, because there’s no movement. The same thing happens to your body if you drink less than three litres of water a day.

So you need to have four litres of water a day with half a teaspoon of salt in it – Himalayan salt or sea salt – but in my opinion the oceans are so toxic I prefer Himalayan salt.

Of course you can never have table salt. Most table salt contains many elements that are not salt – such as glass and sand – which cuts your arteries and the cholesterol now goes there to stop the bleeding. Because of that process, if it [the cholesterol] is all over your arteries it will raise your blood pressure.

You also have to have a lot of greens – like algae like spirulina – to transport and chelate certain things out of your system. You need a good heavy metal cleanse – in England it’s relatively easy to get chelation therapy, which I would prefer. Otherwise Zeolite would really help to get rid of the heavy metals in your system.

Fresh juices are also important. For 28 days I would make an apple, celery and carrot juice – one third each – every morning on an empty stomach. You should start it on a day when you don’t need to work or go away, because you might get diarrhea if you’re really toxic.’

Drinking fresh vegetable juice floods your body with enzymes. Can you explain why enzymes are so important for cancer patients?

Dr C: First of all let me explain what enzymes are for. Enzymes are basically the mailmen – they convert information into our biochemical system. All of our food is basically dead: it’s cooked, it’s preserved it doesn’t come with the enzymes anymore.

But if you eat a banana all the enzymes you need to digest the banana are in the banana. If you eat an organic apple, all the enzymes you need to digest it are in the apple. Now cook the apple – cook the apple to death – and eat it. You get bloating, horrible problems with your stomach and digestive system because it’s just rotting away in you, like all of our other food.

So if you do not have enough digestive enzymes, you constantly produce toxic gasses that will be absorbed into your blood stream. That’s why people get dizzy and nauseous after they eat.

But if you take a sip of freshly made vegetable juice, every time you eat – with every bite basically – you always have enough enzymes to digest it perfectly.

I don’t really endorse artificial enzymes; I really am a friend of juicing. People should invest in a juicer and just juice organic vegetables – you cannot mix vegetables with fruit, the enzymes kill each other. The only thing you can mix with vegetables are apples, because of a specific form of enzymes they have.

You really need to understand that if nature didn’t make it – you don’t need it. If it didn’t exist 150 years ago, you don’t want it.

Ask your Mum how often she had the feeling she shouldn’t eat something, but she overran her instinct and still ate it and then she got a problem – bloating and so on.’

That’s definitely true with dairy – and now Mum has totally cut it out

Dr C: ‘Because milk is not made for human consumption. One of the main causes of acne – all kinds of allergies – and mainly the reason that our 8-year-old girls get their period now…all these kind of things [come from drinking milk].

We have been trained not to believe in our own instincts. A little child says ‘I’m full.’ [The mother says] ‘ No, you eat what’s on the plate!’ Now you are murdering their instinct. So that’s how it happens really. If you start again using common sense and your instincts, you will cure yourself no matter what. You just need to learn to listen to it again.’

To find out more about Dr Coldwell’s Instinct Based Medicine System (IBMS™) click here.

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3 Responses to Dr Coldwell Part 2

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