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Beating Breast Cancer Naturally

Since starting the blog I’ve heard from numerous natural cancer survivors: Lance, an Australian man who traveled abroad for Hyperthermia; Jane, an English woman who chose apricot kernels over chemotherapy; and Emil, a German man who is now free of pancreatic cancer after opting for homeopathy.

Many others have written to tell me about their experiences with black salve, hydrogen peroxide and cannabis oil. The one thing all these survivors have in common? There’s no one thing they’re doing.

The star of this week’s post is no exception. Nicola has researched and run the gamut of alternative cancer therapies; re-assessed everything that went ‘in or on’ her body and has given herself time to reflect and reshape her mindset. Here is Nicola’s inspiring story, in her own words:

‘My name is Nicola. I am 42 years old, and have two children aged 8 and 5. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the right breast (ER/PR positive, grade 2), onset of Pagets disease of the nipple and DCIS. One of 32 lymph nodes showed positive for disease.

I had a mastectomy, and 2 weeks later a full lymph clearance. Somewhere in between those two operations I started asking questions, and began taking responsibility for re-gaining my health.

I quickly rejected chemotherapy, based on empirical evidence that there would (optimistically) be between 5 and 12% success of it ‘mopping up’ any micro-metastases. (I later learned that chemo is great for de-bulking tumour mass, but it cannot destroy circulating cancer stem cells).

Instead I looked to a good friend, who is a naturopath, for advice. She initiated what was to become a long and fascinating education in detoxifying and re-nutrifying my body. Initially my family was very concerned about my decision to reject allopathic medicine, but very quickly they came to trust, and actively support me, particularly my husband.

Interestingly, the lifestyle changes I’ve made have had an impact on the way that my immediate family and close friends think about their health and nutrition. (My husband fights me for time in the sauna, our kids are now gluten free, and as a family we eat only organic food. Friends have taken on board my lectures about cooking only with coconut oil, and my Dad is treating his newly diagnosed diabetes solely with diet and nutrition).

I made big changes in small, manageable steps. The first change was to my diet. Although I’d been a vegetarian for over 25 years, I didn’t understand about nutrition. Out went salt, sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol. I bought a reverse osmosis, ionizing water filter, and a juicer. I started putting lots of organic greens into my body, and aided detoxification with coffee enemas, castor oil packs and epsom salt baths.

I changed everything that went in or on my body: make-up, deodorant, toothpaste, moisturiser and washing powder. I learned quickly how important it is to cook every meal from scratch: porridge, short grain brown rice and salads are daily staples, along with nut milks, vegetable juices and green smoothies. I shifted my culinary focus away from a Western diet and started to get inspiration from Asia where dairy and meat are typically less important.

Within a few weeks I began seeing a complementary doctor for high dose Vitamin C/hydrogen peroxide infusions, with hyperthermia (with Dr Trefza ). I had (preventative) lymphatic drainage and acupuncture regularly. I started to feel amazing!

Next I approached my emotional and mental health: hypnotherapy, healing and reiki. Yes To Life gave me a grant to buy a FAR infrared sauna, and I started practicing yoga.

I chose safer screening: Thermo-scans rather than Mammograms, and Minimal Residual Disease testing. I also had Chemo-sensitivity testing to check which complementary medicines would have an impact on any circulating cancer stem cells which had spread into my body via the lymph.

The final piece of the puzzle was finding a functional doctor who is looking at my body’s underlying weaknesses, and rebalancing my system. I take natural hormone balancers (DIM, amongst others) and a range of supplements specific to my body’s needs.

I continue to reject the one size fits all approach to healing. I’ve learned incredible things over the past 2 years….things which have challenged the way I think, and have altered the way I live my life. I no longer get ill, and many of the health issues I had prior to diagnosis (migraines, painful periods, candida, eczema, gum disease) have disappeared. I try not to be motivated by fear, but rather to live in the present, be guided by my intuition, and understand that cancer has been an opportunity for me to become the person that I am today.

My results as of last week show that my cancer stem cell count is low and stable, essentially meaning that I have no evidence of disease and a low risk of metastasis.’

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12 Responses to Beating Breast Cancer Naturally

  1. Jo Firth says:

    Fab to read, Jane.

    Jane has proved that we can take control of our health. It requires intelligent action, help and support from friends, the services of trusted and reliable wellness practitioners, and lots of research and thinking.

    Janes clear writing, her treatments and decisions do not sound like the musings of a mad woman. Rather she has focussed on a path of wellness, and put a lot of thought and effort into walking that path. To me, this makes a lot of sense. It is a pity that many of us pay little regard for our wellness until we are in a challenged position.

    Congratulations, Jane, and may the rest of us take some of these sensible steps before we are faced with a diagnosis of any kind.

  2. Ann Haslam says:

    totally agree, no point in funding cancer charities apart from Cancer Active as there will never be a pill to cure cancer. I cured myself by getting to the root causes and once those were eliminated the cancer went away and all the other stuff like Candida, CFS etc. Diet, supplementation and pure water and lots of exercise, meditation and reconnecting with nature. Eliminating geopathic stress, e-smog and purifying my body. There’s nothing to fear your body wants to heal itself, you just have to reclaim your power from the doctors dishing out death sentences, what can be more empowering than healing yourself. I realised after the initial distress and fear that Cancer was a gift to wake up and stop killing myself with a toxic lifestyle.

  3. Well done indeed to Nicola, I’m five years on from a breast cancer diagnosis and chose a very similar path , except I didn’t even have surgery. Our stories should be out there to prove that cancer’s not all it’s cracked up to be and stop wasting money on researching various drugs when a holistic natural approach can resolve the situation.
    It’s plain common sense. I completely agree, we should work from intuition rather than fear.
    Bless you for this blog laura, it’s proving that we should not be afraid or intimidated by a cancer diagnosis.
    Jessica x

    • Eka Eiff says:

      Hello Jessica,
      Would you be willing to tell a bit more about your story, as I have found very few stories from women who choose to not have surgery. I am 6 months into my journey and although I get full support from family and friends I find it very hard to get any support from the medical system, conventional or alternative.
      Thank you,

  4. kathleen kennedy says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. Hope your mum is getting better . Please explain what supplement DIM is. I had pancreatic cancer June 2010,had the operation. I have changed my lifestyle considerably,and I am still here almost 2 years.T.G. Thank you

  5. Maria Korps says:

    Thank you Laura, have been reading all your articles, copy them and keep them on file for reading up again and again.
    My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer Aug. 2010 and has started the Vit. C. / Antioxidant Infusions since Sept. 2010 on a weekly basis. Must mention here that the Oncologist never explained in detail the pros and cons of the androgen deprivation therapy (firstly the tablets for one month) than 1 implant every 3 months of that material. Reading up on all the available literature we were able to get hold of , my husband decided that was not for him and so informed the oncologist of his decision, which the doctor did not like of course. Actually he got a little bit angry with the both of us. The side effects can be quite bad and are listed as 17 or more percentages of men do have fatal heart attacks, well over 23 % have fractures because the androgen therapy causes Osteoporosis, diabetes also was listed in that article, and of course bad “hot flushes”, which are very uncomfortable.
    But we stuck to our plan with the Vit. C, etc. plus the other things, which are mentioned below. He has our own organically grown apricot kernels, Life wave patches and hydrogen peroxide orally, which is not that palatable, but we perservere for the time being. Of course we are mostly eating organically grown produce ( I would say around the 98%) and grow our own for years already. He also takes Co Enzyme Q 10, Enzymes, Reserveratrol, Prostate formular with Ginger, zinc, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil and some more things.
    We do have a very understanding doctor who actually gave us your first article which appeared in the Advertiser and we read as much as we can on the subject.
    Many thanks and lots of special thoughts for your Mum and yourself.

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  7. judy seeger says:

    Fantastic job! It’s hard to go against the mainstream, but you knew what you wanted and stuck to your guns. Good for you! I’d love to have you on my online radio show: The Cancer Winner Talk Show. Please email me if you are interested. It would be very inspiring for listeners to hear your story. Thanks!
    Dr. Judy

  8. Bunny Rodwell says:

    Just came across this blog , I am opting for no chemo after a cancerous tumour was removed from my uterus, I lost my uterus, tubes,ovaries,cervix and appendix. Of course the doctors want me to start on chemo and radiation as they say some had gone on the outside of the uterus and supposedly it will help. But they also told me I have developed Type 2 Diabetes and started me on insulin in hospital but I threw it away and having success in reversing it through a strict eating plan as well as cinnamon tincture. It is working well and alternatives to chemo will work as well. Great to read about people’s success without chemo.

  9. Beth Mann says:

    I was diagnosed with DCIS last year and am currently watching it, meaning I did not get a lumpectomy or radiation or Tamoxifen (which I never plan on taking). Here’s my story.

    I’ve done a lot of the cleansing etc that you mentioned but you seem far more thorough. (I still drink my wine–organic though. And still seem to struggle with dermatitis occasionally.) I do look and feel better but of course, I have this sword over my head feeling at times.

    Thanks for this. It reminds us all that we’re WHOLE beings and need to focus on deep self-care and self-healing, not just jumping into protocol.

  10. Maggie keane says:

    Dear Jessica. Thank you so much for this blog. I had a lumpectomy in Dec 2015. Offered chemo last week, on Thursday I will be offered Radiotherapy. I refused chemo and want to refuse radio, but friends and family are worried the route I want to take. I am 63 and watched the effects of my husband go through chemo, radiotherapy when we were 28 yrs old and after lots of treatment to be told he had a brain tumour and he had 3 – 6 months to live. He went on vit C and saw a naturopath. He is still alive today. So I know treatment will not get me well. But I am afraid I am not doing everything I can. I went for a detox week before my op. I take vit c and magnesium. Baking soda, veg drinks to clean the blood. But i am very tired. Not sure I am eating and taking right vitamins. If you have any advise I would love to hear from you. Thank you maggie

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