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The Truth about Gardasil

Would you give a healthy teen an STD vaccine containing genetically modified DNA and aluminium? That’s exactly what girls are given when they get the Gardasil shot.

I’m going off-piste this week to talk about the HPV(Human Papillomavirus) vaccine. There is so much misinformation being spread about this ‘miracle for cervical cancer’ but the truth is far more sinister.

Mum feels as passionately as I do about this subject and with the death toll from the vaccine rising we felt it was right to squeeze in a post about its dangers. We’ll be back next week with more on Mum’s Journey. But for now, here is an extended and updated version of a feature I wrote for Nature & Health Magazine.


Chescia Tunley, from Sydney, was 19 when she had her second shot of Gardasil.

‘She left the surgery and almost immediately had a seizure,’ says her father, Stephen Tunley. ‘Over the next few months she had constant seizures, involuntary spasms and tachycardia. For 18 months she could barely function – she couldn’t attend college, couldn’t work, she could barely walk up the stairs. I suspect Gardasil is to blame – but as yet I can’t prove it.’

The pharmaceutical company, Merck, has made a cool $5.4 Billion from sales of Gardasil since it was launched in 2006. But evidence is mounting that Gardasil is one of the most risky vaccines in recent history.

To date, there have been over one hundred deaths and more than 22,000 adverse events reported to the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). These ‘adverse events’ have included: blindness, stroke, paralysis, hemorrhage, rheumatoid arthritis, thrombosis, hair loss, enlarged liver, migraines and cardiac arrest.

It’s estimated that only 1 to 10% of the vaccine injured population report to VAERS, so the true number of Gardasil related fatalities might be ten times higher. And with news last year that the vaccine could be contaminated with genetically modified DNA, Gardasil looks to be even more of a threat to health.

So what poses the bigger risk: Gardasil or cervical cancer?

In the US, the death rate from cervical cancer (2.4/100,000 women) is lower than the rate of reported serious adverse events, including death, from Gardasil (3.34/100,000 doses distributed).

In Australia cervical cancer is the nineteenth most common cause of cancer mortality in women. Since the introduction of the national Pap smear program in 1991, the incidence of cervical cancer has dropped from around 17 per 100,000 women, to around 7 in 100,000 women today.

So if Pap smears have proven so effective at fighting cervical cancer – is Gardasil really necessary?

‘The benefit of mass HPV vaccination for cervical cancer prevention does not outweigh the risk,’ says Dr Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist at Milford hospital, Connecticut.

In one study comparing Gardasil to the meningococcal vaccination (Menactra), Gardasil was associated with at least 15 times as many stroke reports; twice as many Emergency Room visits and four times more fatalities.

Does it Work?


Research from the Victorian Cytology Service (which supports the National HPV Vaccination Program) shows there hasbeen a 38 % decrease in the rates of pre-cancerous cervical lesions in the two years after the HPV vaccination was introduced.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see lower rates of cervical cancer.

‘Precancerous cell changes, including the (CIN) lesions, are mostly self-reversible,’ says Lee. ‘In fact, the average HPV infection lasts only about six months.’

Gardasil might be marketed as a miracle cure for cervical cancer, but the vaccine only protects against two of the 13 types of HPV that are considered ‘high risk’ for cervical cancer: HPV-16 and HPV-18. These two strains, combined, are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers. But research shows that 90% of HPV infections disappear on their own – with the help of a healthy immune system.

‘Pre-malignant changes in cervical cells, respond well to vitamin C and folic acid,’ writes nutritionist Patrick Holford, in his bestselling book Say No To Cancer (Piatkus). ‘I’d recommend taking these at maximum support levels – 10,000mg of vitamin C and 400mcg daily of folic acid.’



Interestingly, after eighteen months of abnormal pap smears I started to have Vitamin C injections – and my results are now normal.

Targeting the right age

In Australia, girls aged 12-13 are currently being offered Gardasil for free through the commonwealth-funded school vaccination program.

Kate Broun, from Cancer Council Victoria, explains why this age group is being targeted:  ‘The vaccine works best if it’s given before exposure to HPV – that is, before sexual activity commences.’

However, clinical trials have shown that Gardasil may only provide protection for four years, which means the girls immunity to HPV might have worn off before they even leave school – and inevitably start having sex.

So are older women more likely to benefit from the vaccine?

Not necessarily.

‘ I recommend that women who want to get the HPV vaccine ask their gynecologists to make sure they are not already infected with HPV 16 or HPV 18,’ cautions Lee.

‘There is some evidence that women who get the vaccine when they are infected with HPV- especially HPV-16 and HPV-18- have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer.’

Research shows that girls already infected with vaccine-relevant HPV, who then submit to Gardasil, have a 44.6% increased risk of developing precancerous lesions.

Fast-Tracked Approval

When the FDA licensed Gardasil in 2006, it had only been studied in 1,184 teenage girls. These girls, all under the age of sixteen, were only followed up for two years.

‘When the vaccine was licensed, there was very little information about the adverse event profile and of course the effectiveness,’ explains Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC).

By November 2008, in girls 16 or younger, there were reports of 9 deaths, 3 blood clots, 4 cardiac arrests, 9 cases of lupus and 6 strokes after receipt of Gardasil.

There have also been unexpectedly high rates of sudden unconsciousness post Gardasil injection.

Nothing wrong with a bit of fainting you might think. But what happens when the girls drive home after having the injection?

‘ There were nine deaths from car accidents in the pre-licensure trails,’ says Fisher. While Merck maintains that these deaths were a coincidence, Fisher has another view:

‘ I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that girls crash their cars if they’re falling into unconsciousness without warning?’

Fisher questions whether the aluminium in Gardasil may have something to do with it. ‘We’re extremely concerned that we don’t have proper monitoring of this vaccine,’ she says.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of adverse event reports sent to the government are actually submitted by the manufacturer.

The Tunley family sent a report about their daughter to the Australian Drug Reactions Advisory Committee (ADRAC) – but subsequently discovered it was forwarded to Merck for follow up.

‘Having Merck investigate its own vaccine is a bit like being accused of a war crime, and then saying ‘ I’ll just go and investigate whether I committed it or not,’ says Tunley.

Informed Consent

‘Even if we had just been told the truth about possible adverse reactions, we would have made other decision, and Chris would be alive today,’ says Emily Tarsell, whose daughter Christina, died aged 21. ‘Chris died from a vaccine she did not even need which was falsely advertised to prevent cervical cancer.’

Thankfully, awareness about Gardasil is growing.

2012 is set to see the release of not one, but two major documentary films looking at the HPV vaccine. One More Girl, a play on Merck’s ‘One Less Girl’ (to get cervical cancer) advertising campaign, is set for release mid 2012 while The Greater Good is already screening at international festivals.

The idea that vaccines are safe is so ingrained in our culture that most of us submit to routine jabs, without a moment’s thought. But we owe it to ourselves, and our family, to make an informed decision.

In the near future, that might include weighing up whether your son needs Gardasil, as the vaccine has also been approved for nine-year-old boys. The Australian government’s expert panel has already recommended it for boys aged 12-13.

Thailand, on the other hand, is choosing to fight HPV related cancer with ‘vinegar and ingenuity’ according to an article in the New York Times.

The inexpensive treatment involves brushing vinegar on a woman’s cervix – making the precancerous spots turn white. The spots are then frozen with a metal probe cooled by carbon dioxide. The procedure was developed at the Johns Hopkins Medical School 15 years ago and it has recently been endorsed by WHO.

Thousands of women in Thailand have already undergone the treatment and in 11 years not a single one has gone on to develop full-blown cervical cancer. Simple, safe and effective – sounds good to me.

* Interested in hearing more about Gardasil? Jenny Thompson from the Health Sciences Institute speaks passionately about it in this video:

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14 Responses to The Truth about Gardasil

  1. Simon Ferrar says:

    Laura, another concise piece, well written. I cannot comment on the science but this needs putting out there to make people aware and widen the discussion, allowing people to make more informed decisions. I will put this out to all my Clandon Wood Twitter followers.

  2. Jane Wallis says:

    Wonderful, thank you for tackling this subject, Laura. It is certainly a hard one for parents but further evidence on the thorny problem of vaccinations can be found in: ‘Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccinations’ and ‘Mass Immunization- A Point in Question’ by Trevor Gunn.
    Thank you also for doing a great job on my own cancer healing story a couple of weeks ago. The only point I would add is remember to really protect and pamper your immune system while you are undergoing the healing process – so lay off strong household and personal cleaning products – and you may want to cut down on your mobile phone use.

  3. John Wagoner says:

    Here is another way of looking at this problem:

    The ongoing and now expanded vaccination of children with the HPV vaccines to maybe give protection from cervical cancer strikes me as outrageous, considering there are now hundreds of unexplained deaths and disabling episodes that have followed these vaccinations . To ignore these deaths means that our Doctors and Nurses are committing an act of de facto Human Sacrifice. How so ? The medical establishment is saying ” Lets let some children die, while others can grow up and have their lives extended by avoiding cervical cancer.” The supposed benefits of the hpv vaccines are not even proven by any clinical trials. These results won’t be known for decades. There is good reason to believe that this unproven program may not work at all, and there is evidence that the rate of severe reaction ( disabilities, deaths ) is greater than the rate of cervical cancer.
    Wouldn’t it be better to avoid grave risk in childhood and deal with what life should bring you when your fifty ? Would you knowingly have a child sacrificed so your own life could be extended ? Isn’t it possible that medical technology will progress in the next thirty five years ?
    Why should we trust Merck and the FDA and assume these deaths are coincidental ? Pharmaceutical products hurt and kill many people. For instance, take one drug, Merck’s drug Vioxx. Vioxx was responsible for at least thirty five thousand deaths in the five years in was marketed, at death rate at least twice that of cervical cancer. Now we are supposed to trusts Merck? Remember, vaccine makers are exempt from liability. Shouldn’t they have the burden to prove the deaths were not caused by the vaccination ?

    Let us stop sacrificing children on the altar of corporate profits. Let us insist on evidence based medicine. Reject the HPV vaccines. Let us work to ban this killer vaccine.

  4. Very well done Laura! It was well worth diversifying to bring awareness to something which can destroy the health of young women before they’ve even had a chance at life.
    One of the best precautions against HPV is a condom which will also protect against other STDs
    Information like this should be far more freely available so individuals can make properly informed choices for themselves and their children.

  5. Molly says:

    This medical system is crazy!

    I used to have a doctor when I was in high school who would harass me every time I saw her. “Get the vaccine, Guardasil!” Nonstop. I always said no and that five years later everyone will find out it causes cancer. Less than five years later, it causes cancer and many other terrifying effects.

    But the treatment in Thailand – that is AMAZING!

    Thank you for this amazing article!!!

    -Molly (from

  6. Kristen says:

    And to think they’re trying to foist it upon (jab it into) unsuspecting young boys here in the US, because it’s supposed to protect them too…
    How do you say it on the other side of the pond? Bollocks!

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  10. Sabrina says:

    My daughter had the shots when they first came out in 2006. She has been sick ever since. It has taken us 3 years to link her sisckens to the gardisil vaccination. She is 21 went from an active, extremely fit girl to a sick and fatigued girl. Symptoms started showing up after the Gardisil shots. Symptoms include hair loss, extreme fatigue, insomnia, stomach cramping and stomach bloating, muscle pain and aches. She has developed auto immune issues and allergies. Gardisil has aluminum in the vaccine.Does anyone know what all these sick girls can do to make them selves better? Getting through the days are a struggle for my daughter. I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t check into this vaccine more before i let them give it to her. We are extremely saddened by this. We have spent thousands of dollars on medical expenses only to be told she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Yeah, you bet she does and it all started shortly after her Gardisil shots.Please e-mail me if you have any ideas for getting healthy again. E-mail me at To all those out there suffering, I am sooo sorry and its just not fair to these young people.

    • Laura says:

      Dear Sabrina, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. You must not blame yourself! Even now there is precious little information out there on the risks associated with Gardasil, and back in 2006, there was almost nothing. You might want to look into the work of Dr Rashid Buttar.( He has spent decades researching vaccine side effects and reversed his own son’s autism through chelation therapy. I have also had the privilege of speaking with another expert in this field – Dr Leonard Coldwell. In a blog post, a few weeks ago, he told me that having an apple, celery and carrot juice – one third each – on an empty stomach every morning could help detox the body from the toxic materials in Gardasil: He stressed that the juice MUST be fresh. Shop bought juice is pasteurised, which means none of the beneficial enzymes are present. Grace Filby – a UK practitioner- has worked with many girls injured by the Gardasil ( and Cervarix ) vaccine and has a number of useful suggestions, including drinking silica rich water. It might be worth getting in touch with her. I’m wishing you all the very best.

  11. fiona moss says:

    A couple of years ago a mass vaccination of female pupils took place at my daughters school , in fact she was the only one who didnt have gardasil vaccine and I must admit a lot of back handed comments were flung our way. Two of the girls in her year passed out , had fits and yet their parents still agreed to them having a booster a few weeks later. Peer pressure is awful, I just do not understand these parents who dont look into things deeper before agreeing to following a trend.

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