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Overcoming Pancreatic Cancer

The words ‘pancreatic cancer’ are usually met with a sad shake of the head and a what-can-you-do expression. We all watched in horror as Patrick Swayze swiftly succumbed to the disease; he went from being the man we all wanted to marry to an old man (ravaged by chemo) in a matter of weeks. Steve Jobs waged a brave battle with the disease for years before leaving us last October – many cancer experts were surprised he lived so long.

In 2004 – the same year Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – Emil Brehm from Germany also found out he had the deadly disease. While Jobs opted for a liver transplant, Brehm chose homeopathy. Today, more than seven years later, Brehm is still very much alive.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Emil’s daughter, Patrizia Sergeant, last week. Here is the story of her father’s recovery in her own words..

‘In the summer of 2004 my Dad was already showing symptoms: his urine was dark brown, his skin was incredibly itchy and at night he was waking up drenched in sweat. He then developed jaundice and weeks later, in September 2004, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The doctors decided to go ahead with something called a Whipple operation. This meant the removal of most of the pancreas together with a third of the stomach, gall bladder and duodenum. After the operation we were told that it was unsuccessful; the tumour had grown around the aorta, which made it too dangerous to remove. We were told that my father’s life expectancy was one year at the most and to enjoy every minute we had with him.

It was hard to imagine that somebody as tough and strong as my dad could die of such a horrible disease. My father had never smoked or drunk too much alcohol, and had eaten a very healthy diet his whole life.

One doctor offered a radical four-week programme of radio/chemotherapy to reduce the tumour, prior to carrying out another operation. I knew in my heart that wasn’t going to help him but I thought ‘I have to accept it’ because it’s his body and his choice.

But another doctor at the hospital in Germany said to us, ‘Careful when you’re being advised to do chemotherapy or radiotherapy because it’s for the statistics,’ he then added, ‘they can reduce the tumour – and that goes down in the statistics as a successful treatment – but how you die in the end? No one talks about that.’ He advised us to look into therapies from eastern countries.

I had heard about a successful homeopathic cancer treatment called the ‘plussing method’ developed by Dr. Ramakrishnan (see below). I finally found a top consultant who is highly regarded in Germany, Dr Uwe Friedrich, who has been practising homeopathy for 30 years.

My Dad respected him and immediately started taking the homeopathic remedies; although he remained convinced that the ‘sugar tablets’ would never cure a tumour like his.

Three months later he was due to go for a CT scan when a TV station contacted him asking if he’d be available for an interview. They were making a programme about the founder of homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann – and had heard about Dad through his doctor.

When the film crew came to interview Dad he was in the middle of doing a loft conversion! He thought he was going to die and he wanted to complete everything that he hadn’t finished. So there he was with his pancreatic cancer and the TV host looking up at him in total shock.

The next day Dad went to have his CT scan and while he was waiting a young doctor asked him, ‘What treatment are you doing – are you doing chemo?’ and my Dad said ‘no, no I’m doing homeopathy.’ The doctor started ridiculing him and said ‘that’s never going to get rid of it’ then turned and walked away.

Then he was called for his CT scan… and the tumour was gone.

Emil Brehm now in rude health

When my Mum told me I thought she’d got it wrong. The doctors also thought they’d got it wrong; they thought the CT scanner was broken. But the tumour was gone, and it never came back.

But there was another aspect to Dad’s cancer – and his recovery.  My Dad never managed to enjoy his life and was always very tense. After his diagnosis he discovered – through doing a Brandon Bays Journey process with me – the root cause of his fears and anger… and I believe his cancer. I’m sure recognizing and releasing this trauma – which he’d held since he was two years old – has kept the cancer away.’

A Bit about Plussing

‘Plussing’ in homeopathy simply means extending a dose by adding water to the remedy. Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan (the honorary homeopath to the president of India) presented a seminar in Berne in June 2003 where he discussed the method in detail. You can read more about it here. Dr. Ramakrishnan has treated over 7000 patients with cancer and apparently finds the remedies C30, C200 and 1M most useful.


Homeopathy in the Headlines

In 2010 homeopathy protesters in London swallowed whole bottles of pills outside Boots pharmacy in an attempt to ‘prove’ the remedies are ineffective. Two questions spring to mind:

  1. A) What motivates someone to stand outside Boots for hours (queuing inside for a few minutes is more than enough for me) in protest against something that’s not harming themselves or others?
  2. B) How many conventional physicians were amongst the protesters?

Branding homeopaths as quacks is nothing new. If you’ve watched Healing Cancer From Inside Out you’ll know that the war on homeopathy has been waged since 1900. According to the narrator Mike Anderson, ‘Allopathic doctors, feeling threatened, formed the American Medical Association. It was originally formed as a doctors union to counter the growing influence of the homeopaths. The American Medical Associations’ main aim was to muscle out the competition coming from the homeopaths, by branding them as quacks in combination with slandering and harassing them as much as possible.’

Next time somebody gives you a ribbing for knocking back Ferrum Phos when you’re feeling flu-ey or for taking Ledum for a mozzie bite, you might mention this study, published in a major peer-reviewed journal. (Cancer Research Secrets by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby pg 122)

The study, published in the February 2010 issue of the International Journal of Oncology found that homeopathy works as well as an expensive breast cancer drug.

Researchers from the USA and India, found the cancer killing effects of the remedies Carcinosin 30C and Phtytolacca decandra 200C showed similar activity to Taxol the most commonly used chemotherapeutic drug for breast cancer… but without the nasty side effects of course.

Patrizia Sergeant is a UK based healer who practises Reiki, the Journey process, Bowen Technique and past life therapy.

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13 Responses to Overcoming Pancreatic Cancer

  1. Patricia Smith says:

    I know this is a cancer blog but my experience may help someone. Reading about Emil’s symptoms before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer were identical to mine 6 months ago. I knew I had gallstones which had been kept in check with diet for many years. In addition, I was doing liver flushes every so often. After one of these I suffered what seemed to be a ‘gallstone attack’ or colic (I recognised it easily as I’d had many!). I was in agony for 3 days but refused to go to hospital because I knew they would just remove my gallbladder. On the 3rd night I had a dialogue with my body, (or blackmail), either stop the pain or I will call an ambulance! 3 hours later the pain had gone. End of story? No way! I developed full-blown jaundice, yellow eyes, brown urine, clay stools, unbelievable fatigue, appetite almost nil, depression verging on suicidal thoughts. The only thing I knew was to try to detox with juices etc. using everything I had learned about aiding the liver. Also a ‘tonic’ made up by the natural pharmacy we are lucky to have here. Meanwhile, everyone was urging, or begging, me to go to a doctor, which I continued to refuse to do (I haven’t seen one in over 20 years). Then, of course, many just threw up their hands in despair, waiting for me to deteriorate even more when I would probably collapse and the hospital would pick up the pieces. After 5 weeks of not getting better I made an appointment with a homeopath. It was obvious to him I was ill but he didn’t judge, or panic, he just listened to my life-story. Lots of hidden anger, resentment and feeling helpless about others’ plights; lack of confidence, pretending to be always cheerful when I was far from it! We discussed possible blood tests or scans to see where the ‘blockage’ was – but that meant going to a GP, who would then take control….OK, we agreed not a good idea..yet. He gave me a week’s supply of celandine. Nothing changed, or nothing apparent. Back again, he then gave me 4 ‘pills’ of lycopodium, warning me they were powerful. I took 2 that night, 2 in the morning, nothing happened…then the day after I had a really bad pain, getting worse as the morning progressed. I texted the homeopath who said, Good, keep me posted! I went to bed feeling like I was in labour, slept, didn’t eat at all, then by midnight the pain disappeared! The next day I was exhausted, stayed in bed until the evening when I got up for a while. The day after, a Sunday, I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL I felt. Normal, hungry, energetic, happy, excited – unbelievable, yet always a little wary it wouldn’t last. But it did! This was 4 months ago. The jaundice disappeared slowly, everything returned to normal and I honestly felt 110%. Anyone who has been ill will recognise the euphoria. My family knew I had been right all along but it was other people who were dumfounded – they just said …Oh, well, whatever it was you’re better now…or Oh, you went to a doctor after all….No! A homeopath! A miracle? I think it was a combination of everything but the lycopodium was the right remedy for me this time. I cannot thank my homeopath enough – he knows but was positively BEAMING when I went back for a follow up 3 weeks after! Today, after reading about Emil, I wonder if this may have led to cancer if treated differently…..Thank you, for Emil’s story, because it reminded me how lucky I am. I hope it may help others to trust their own bodies with the help of ‘alternative’ medicine.

  2. We are not much educated about the enormous potential of conventional medicines and too often submit our self to the mercy allopathic treatment, sacrificing our lives.
    Articles educating about the success of other form of medicines has to be brought to the knowledge of the masses.
    Your article has achieved it.
    Really good work.
    Input from Patricia Smith is also very valuable.

  3. kathleen kennedy says:

    Please are there any homeopaths in Australia that uses this proceedure. Thank you so much for this article,because I have had the whipple operation, and I need all the help I can get. Hope your Mum is continuing to recover. Thanks Kathleen

  4. Sam says:

    I can’t tell you how invaluable i think your blog is. Every doctor should be forced to read it each week so they can open their mind and eventually guide patients down the most effective treatment route, not just the conventional drug treatments. Thanks again for such wonderful advice. Health and happiness to everyone out there, in particular Patricia Smith

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  8. Tawana Couch says:

    You can see pictures and stories of animals that have gotten well through Homeopathy. This is an informative website. Go to Some computers let you see a video about a dog that was once paralyzed and recovered with Homeopathy.

  9. RJ Herrmann says:

    GREAT story. Homeopathy is one of many healing modalities; I studied many and it’s my favorite. People are always shocked when they get better. I am just grateful to have found it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Simon King says:

    I had read online that Steve Jobs HAD tried homeopathy (unsuccessfully apparently). I don’t know whether this is true or not but neither , I suspect, do you; as Steve Jobs was very private about his health.

    He was however a supporter of many things alternative , so I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that because he ENDED UP having surgery, that he didnt try homeopathy

    Just saying;)

    • Laura says:

      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. There is certainly a lot of mystery surrounding Steve Jobs treatments – according to Cancer Defeated he flew to Switzerland to try an experimental hormone delivered radiotherapy and in the Netherlands he underwent an experimental treatment called peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. Some believe that Jobs should have had surgery sooner. Sadly there are no guarantees with cancer – what works for one person, may not working for someone else. My hope in sharing Emil’s story is merely to show that there are options – and that even with a dire diagnosis there is hope. On a final note I’d say that for patients with pancreatic cancer who are interested in alternatives, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is worth looking into. He has had phenomenal success treating pancreatic cancer using coffee enemas, enzymes and individualised diets. All the best, Laura

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