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Q&A with Phillip Day

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Re: truth about cancer

Finally someone has gone public with this. my dad recently passed away with advanced brain cancer, he wanted to live so badly and the last 18 months were torture, so sick after the chemo, even worse after avastin, the little time he had was taken from him with all these fake promises.


you look fantastic & so healthy, & i wish you all the best & surround yourself with happy positive people


please read this book ( I borrowed a copy from my local library)


Cancer; Why We`re Still Dying To Know The Truth by Phillip Day.’


I recently received this lovely (but sad) email from a reader – she isn’t the first to recommend Phillip Day.

In the last few months I’ve been inundated with emails and tweets from people telling me about Phillip Day’s life-changing workshops and books.

If you’ve seen Food Matters you’ll recognize Phillip as the fast-talking English journalist who sums up (in just a few sound-bites) all that is wrong with the modern medical establishment.

When he’s not being a film star, Phillip Day is writing eye-opening reports, advising cancer doctors around the world, speaking at conferences and writing books (he’s even written a technical manual about B17 therapy for doctors – and, believe it or not, many have read it too).

I had the privilege (and pleasure) of speaking with him on Monday.

Here’s what he had to say…

If you’re diagnosed with cancer today, how much better is your life expectancy than if you were diagnosed 30 years ago?

‘It isn’t. The five-year or better survival rates for almost all forms of cancer officially remain almost unchanged.

There isn’t one study you can show me that demonstrates that chemotherapy, or radiation or surgery extend life in the major epithelial cancers.

The cancer industry has failed, to such an extent that they’ve had to redefine the word ‘cure’ to only mean five years after initial treatment.

Take my aunt as an example. My aunt got breast cancer, she had all the chemo you can imagine – despite my best efforts to persuade her otherwise – and she survived five years, so she’s forever immortalized in the Cancer Research UK database as a cancer survivor.

Of course she hit the five-year mark and died six months after that.

So she’s ‘cured’ and dead.’

Why do millions still believe in the power of chemotherapy?

‘Because that’s the only thing they’ve been told they can do.

When you get a cancer diagnosis you’re frightened and you’re looking around to see who’s going to offer you the best promise of further life. Of course everyone wants to trust their doctors so they go to the doctor and say ‘Hey, I’ve got cancer, what’s my best choice?’

The information they’re given is coloured by the fact these people are trained in institutions funded by the drug industry. And so they only get that particular side of it.

The cure for cancer is the immune system: the very thing that traditional treatments devastate.Which might explain why we (in England) have the worst cancer survival rates of any western, industrialized nation.

You’re better going off to Latvia because at least they can’t afford the chemo out there.’

What’s the biggest myth about chemotherapy?

‘The biggest myth is that you can pour ‘X’ chemical warfare agents into a human being and believe that you’re going to cure them.

And when you get to radiation, how many people know that radiation causes cancer?’

What is Cancer?

Cancer is basically a fungus (more on that later) and the degree that it can spread in the body, is the degree to which the immune system will let it.

If your immune system is weak, the fungus is going to come out, feed on trapped sugars, and start to create mischief.

Along comes a doctor and says ‘ Right, the best cure for this is chemo,’ and what they’re after is tumour shrinkage, but tumour shrinkage is not the same thing as curing cancer.’


‘Cancer is not a localized lesion; cancer is a systemic issue.

You can cut tumours out of the human breast all day long and they keep growing back, the reason they grow back is that you never rescued the immune system.’

Every year people give billions to cancer charities. Where’s all that money going?

‘It’s going back into the drug industry. It’s a very lucrative scam. Every October we have four thousand women in Maidstone, who are persuaded to strip down to their brassieres and run around Mote Park to raise money to give back to the drug companies that killed their mum and dads.’

How can you prove that?

‘Cancer charities are making no secret of the fact they’re raising money for cancer research. Who’s doing the cancer research? The drug companies.

So the money is going to the drug companies and yet we have thousands of studies that show nutrition can cure cancer, we have all kinds of doctors… are you aware of Stanislaw Burzynksi? He’s curing cancer using Antineoplastons.

They (the pharmaceutical companies via the FDA) are going after him right now, they’re desperate to get this guy down and put him in jail (You can read more about that here). They’re desperate to persecute all of these doctors using B17 (found in apricot kernals) or doctors administering intravenous C.

Anywhere you go you’ll see the iron first comes down on people who are daring to say that food can cure anything.

In fact you’ve just seen the European Union issue this asinine ruling that water doesn’t cure dehydration.

And if you claim that water can cure dehydration you go to prison for two years!’

And didn’t Congress just announce that pizza was a vegetable?

‘It was the same week Laura, the same week.’

So what’s the answer to cancer?

‘There’s a huge amount more we can do – vitamin D, for instance, is a very big player in cancer because it underpins the proper working of the immune system. Then there’s exercise, stress-management… there is a total package now that is extremely effective.

I highly recommend you watch Healing Cancer from Inside Outwith Mike Anderson.

On there you’ll see doctors, authors and renowned clinic owners – like Charlotte Gerson – who are taking cancer patients and putting them on a 100% plant based, 100% raw food diet which boosts the immune system and the immune system kills the cancer.

What Stanislaw is doing, what these other doctors – the B17 doctors, the vitamin C infusion doctors, the Essiac brigade and everything else – all these different modalities that seem to work with cancer, in fact don’t cure cancer, they enable the body to cure it.’

But chemotherapy does seem to work for some people…

‘The chemotherapy might have shrunk the tumour to the point where the patient is sent home, but what’s never recorded is maybe then the patient thought: ‘I better start looking after myself.’ That’s going to have a major, major affect on someone.

I love doctors who at the end of their careers make certain statements, because you know those statements come with all the gravitas and all of the intelligence that they’ve accumulated over their long and distinguished career. Anyway, one of the greatest doctors who ever lived, Albert Schweitzer said:

‘ It’s supposed to be a secret, but I’ll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing, we only help and encourage the doctor within.’

If you go over that statement, there are quite a few illuminating things.

Firstly ‘It’s supposed to be a secret.’


Because doctors would lose their sovereignty, they would lose this whole mystic that they weave around people. It’s like a religion  – I often call it the religion of medicine.

It’s like the priests of the medieval ages who held their power over the common folk by keeping the scriptures in Latin, so people couldn’t read them. But then, along comes Martin Luther…

(Martin Luther famously translated the Bible -previously in Latin- into the language of the people).

Today, it’s not Martin Luther, it’s the internet.

When people get cancer, the first thing they’ll say to me is ‘I’ve got cancer, how many apricot kernels should I take?’

And I tell them: ‘What you should be saying is, I’ve got cancer, what education should I have?’

Until next week…

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16 Responses to Q&A with Phillip Day

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