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Ozone Therapy

Cancer cells hate oxygen. In fact, they’d rather die than be in a body flooded with oxygen; something scientists have known for over 70 years.

In 1931 a German doctor called Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for a number of groundbreaking discoveries. He demonstrated that cancer cells survive and thrive by breaking down glucose in the absence of oxygen, a process called glycolysis.

Warburg explained his findings in a presentation in 1966: ‘Cancer cells meet their energy needs by fermentation, not oxidation. Thus, they are dependent upon glucose and a high oxygen environment is toxic to them.’

The ‘Warburg effect,’ as it’s now known, has led many physicians to treat cancer by saturating the body with oxygen. These methods include oral or intravenous hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

And these treatments are working – and not just for Mum, who has embraced the latter two.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – which involves delivering 100% pure oxygen to you in an enclosed chamber – has been shown to shrink ovarian tumours, reduce breast cancer metastasis to the lung and improve cognitive function in brain cancer patients who’ve had either surgery or radiation.

Then there’s hydrogen peroxide.  Millions of cancer patients in Europe have benefitted from this life saving liquid. It’s also big in Mexico. Dr Kurt Donsbach, former President of the National health Federation in the US, has apparently achieved cancer remission rates exceeding 70% using intravenous hydrogen peroxide – you can read more about it here.

At another renowned clinic in Mexico – the Oasis of Hope – ozone therapy is one of the leading treatments.

The survival rates at Oasis are phenomenal. For Stage 4 breast cancer patients they’re almost 50% higher than the US national average. The general survival rates at Oasis are 2-3 fold higher than in patients receiving conventional cancer therapy.

So what is Ozone Therapy?

You can think of ozone as a supercharged oxygen molecule – O3 rather than O2.  The addition of this extra atom makes ozone highly reactive – and effective at treating cancer, as well as a host of other health conditions, including heart disease. (Ozone oxidizes the plaque in arteries allowing the removal of the breakdown products, unclogging the blood vessels).

Ozone triggers an avalanche of effects when it is introduced into the bloodstream: it improves the exchange of oxygen in the blood, activates the immune system and increases the efficiency of the antioxidant system – all of which help to reverse tumor growth. In addition, ozone therapy stimulates the production of hydrogen peroxide, which aids apoptosis (programmed cell death) of malignant cells.

According to the Europe-based Medical Society for the use of Ozone in Prevention and Therapy and the National Center for Scientific Research in Cuba, physicians are currently treating around 49 diseases with different forms of ozone therapy including: AIDS, acne, cancerous tumours, cystitis, gangrene, herpes, Rheumatoid athritis and Parkinson’s disease.


The German Army used ozone extensively during World War 1 to treat battle wounds and anaerobic infections and prior to that ozone gas was used to disinfect operating rooms in Switzerland.

The first doctor to treat cancer with ozone was Dr. W. Zable in the late 1950s; over the next 20 years hundreds of German physicians began using ozone in their practice and it’s now used by thousands of practitioners throughout Europe.

Today, the majority of scientific papers on the healing benefits of ozone are coming out of Cuba, Russia and Germany, where governments support their research.

What does Ozone Therapy involve?

Approximately 250cc of blood is taken form the patient and is ‘ozonized.’ According to Dr. Contreras from the Oasis clinic this process increases the amount of oxygen in the blood from three-fold to six-fold. You can actually see the difference as the blood turns from dark purple to a bright scarlet. This ‘hyperoxygenated’ blood is then returned to the body: the procedure takes roughly 40 minutes.

Mum started having both ozone and vitamin C therapy twice weekly following her diagnosis. This meant spending hours hooked up to an intravenous drip, chatting away with Jane, Bill, Lucy, Gary and Paul – all regulars at her clinic; all lucky enough to be able to afford these effective alternative treatments.

Why are they so expensive?

A cancer patient who chooses the alternative health route won’t get a cent back on health insurance.

By contrast, chemotherapy drugs are covered by private health insurance and are also heavily subsidized by the Australian Government. So even though they can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the patient will usually pay only a small potion of that.

Mum felt angry that she was being punished financially for choosing something that wasn’t a pharmaceutical drug; and she felt incredibly sad for all those people for whom alternative medicine was a prohibitively expensive choice – essentially the majority of people living in Australia, America and the UK.

In progressive countries like Germany, on the other hand, these natural, non-toxic cancer treatments are promoted by the majority of physicians and covered by health insurance.

Happily, there are a few trailblazing charities, like Yes To Life in the UK, which provides support for people interested in complementary and alternative cancer treatments. 

If you want to learn more about oxygen therapies I suggest you dive into this fantastic ( and fully referenced) report.

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32 Responses to Ozone Therapy

  1. sandy says:

    I read your article in STM this morning. You provide no references for statements like conventional cancer treatment failing 75% of the time. There are many cancers. There are many treatments. Which ones?
    Also, don’t you think it’s dishonest to emphasise Vitamin C injections and coffee enemas, and mention only in passing that your mother had surgery (a very common conventional treatment)? Given the lack of evidence for alternative treatment (which is why they aren’t funded by Medicare and private health funds), in all likelihood surgery is the main reason for her recovery from cancer. Fine if you want to believe otherwise, but don’t go around encouraging other people to spend money on this stuff.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Sandy, it’s always good to hear a range of different views. I was overwhelmed by the amount of positive emails I received this morning as well as heart-wrenching stories from people who have lost someone following chemotherapy and radiation. Many of them said their loved ones – mothers, fathers and partners – were almost unrecognizable following the treatments and deprived of both their dignity and will to live.

      I mentioned in the STM piece that conventional cancer treatment fails 75% of the time. That’s actually quite a conservative estimate, according to this recent Australian study chemotherapy improves 5 year survival by less than 3%.

      Fortunately, many of the treatments I mention in this blog, including coffee enemas, Infrared saunas and vitamin C injections can really help detox the body following chemotherapy and radiation as well as help to protect the body while patients are undergoing these treatments. Many of Mum’s friends at her clinic are using both forms of medicine in their battle against cancer.

      Yes- Mum had surgery. But the doctors told her that if she didn’t have chemotherapy the cancer would come back: they certainly didn’t believe that simply having surgery was the answer. Nor does Mum believe that to be the case. Cancer is a systemic, whole-body, disease. It’s a fundamental failure of the body to regulate it’s own metabolism and clean up unhealthy, mutated cells. By the time a tumour appears in the body the cancer has usually been around for 6 or 7 years and some of the world’s most sought after cancer experts believe the tumour is the body’s ingenious way of sequestering all of these abnormal cells – so they don’t affect the rest of the body.

      I’m very open to these ideas, especially in the face of such dismal statistics, horrific stories and little hope from conventional medicine. If there was more money to fund clinical studies ( which cost millions and are usually funded by pharmaceutical companies) we would certainly see more clinical trials of these cutting edge natural therapies.

      Furthermore, if medical journals weren’t gagged by pharmaceutical companies (who they rely on for advertising) more people would know about these treatments. This year the British Medical Journal was forced to admit that it receives advertising and sponsorship money from Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, both of which manufacture the MMR vaccine, following several pro-vaccine articles it had published.

      The truth is out there – I certainly don’t have all the answers, I’m only sharing what I know now. I’m looking forward to others sharing too.

  2. Joy says:

    Yesterday I read your article in the STM Sunday Times magazine, I would like to commend you on your courage on setting up this site, it is great to have an alternative site that is local. Although I haven’t been diagnosed myself, I have watched my own mother suffer from the effects of radiation (18years ago) and wish I had known all the information, books etc I have now in my possession. Thank you and love to you both. Joy

  3. sandy says:

    I certainly do have different views.

    Cancer is tragic and terrible, and it’s increasing because of greater longevity, lifestyle and environment factors (of which ‘negative thinking’ is decidedly not one); but great inroads have been made by science and conventional medicine.

    Scientific evidence tells us this, and anecdotal evidence tells me that I know about 10 people who have survived cancer for +10 years with conventional medicine, 3 people who have died from terminal cancers diagnosed too late for effective treatment, and 0 people who have treated cancer with alternative therapies (Thankfully nobody I know personally has tried this; I know OF a number who have tried – I’ve read about them in coroners’ inquests).

    I am not aware of any rigorous peer-reviewed studies of ozone therapy, Vitamin C overdoes, Gerson therapy, naturopathy, homoepathy or such treatments.
    Can you provide such references – from scientific sources, not purveyors of these therapies?
    You say they are widely used in Germany and Japan, but what is the evidence base for that? Being widely used isn’t evidence in itself.

    Gerson therapy is actually illegal in the US, presumably because it doesn’t work and rips people’s money off, I don’t know. Do you know why it’s illegal? (If your answer is because pharmaceutical companies are suppressing it, what is the evidence for that?)

    I’m aware of the chemotherapy study – it is cited often. However, chemotherapy is much more effective for some cancers than for others. And it is not the only conventional medical treatment (radiotherapy and surgery are others, as you know). A study like that may be correct across the board but cancer isn’t one disease. It’s many diseases with different prognoses, courses, survivability and treatments.

    This blogger, an oncologist, has a lot of useful information including scientific debunking of purveyors of alternative ‘cures’ who prey on desperate and ill people. If you’re interested in a range of different views, I highly recommend his work as he knows a lot more than I do (I’m just a person who entrusts my safety to expert pilots, my children to expert teachers, and advice about my health decisions to expert doctors. Quirky of me I know.)

    • corinne says:

      Sandy to answer some of your questions; Gerson’s run their organisation in American but their treatment centres are located in Mexico and Hungry due to drug dealers restrictions on anyone’s therapies that have gotten great publicity for actually working and putting the money making rackets that are chemo into a bad light. you only have to look at the Burzynski case for the answer. all the good doctors in Perth who are doing amazing alternative treatments you’ll find 1. dont have websites, 2. arent on facebook or any media sites, 3. usually dont even have business cards; why? because the drug dealers control our sickness industry. they own our politicians, our hospitals and even the education of said professionals to keep tabs on what they learn and minimise their access to alternatives etc. At the end of the day doctors are only taught to cut, burn, chop and drug patients. they study 1 unit of nutrition in their entire degree and i’m sure its controlled by the drug dealers too. I suggest you check out Foodmatters the DVD or go to and watch some of the free segments from some of the doctors who talk on the DVD. its a real insight to the corruption that is the sickness industry. as Andrew Saul says “there is no money in health, there is only money in sickness”. this so true when you piece together the world of economic irratiationalism that we live in – growth is expected by mainstream as the only sign of “progress” that we are improving in the world. so our governments approval all sorts of toxic junk to be added to food, as it creates jobs, and then when it makes everyone sick, it creates jobs again at the other end. i couldnt understand why our goverment would continue to allow this “stuff” to be kept adding and adding to our “foods” but now i realise that its just all about greed and corruption. that’s why i’ve decided to help education others about this so they can get some real information and choose for themselves. Knowledge really is power and doctors generally just dont have either anymore.

      when FSANZ says we cant legally have RAW milk (as it might have some bugs in it), and the same year accepts an application from FONTERRA (the milk tzar who now owns just about every dairy label in australia) to put DIMETHYL ETHER (a solvent found in paint) into milk to help separate the milk from the cream, then one has to wonder what is right in the world?

      • Laura says:

        Wow Corinne – I’m blown away. You’re a fantastic writer and that is SHOCKING about the Dimethyl ether in milk. Not that I’d go near the pasteurized stuff anyway. Thank you for sharing ! x

        • I really support this comment – people are so afraid, due to health warnings, to try new things. I read the story on raw milk in last weekend’s Australian. Its positive health effects are tremendous – but people seem afraid to drink it because of the warnings about it. We are being sanitised out of existence. Look how weak and allergic our bodies are becoming as we eat processed foods, increase the use of antibiotics, and create havoc with our immune systems. I KNEW my body didn’t like milk – now I know why! Thank you Laura and thank you Corinne.

    • HI Sandy, I’m fairly new to this site and have just read your comments. I am interested to know if you have actually sighted any placebo controlled studies on the safety and effectiveness of mainstream treatments. In my understanding, new chemotherapy drugs are only tested against a previous drug. That is not good science as there is no placebo. How do we know it is better than nothing?
      I also want to see the research that proves that surgery is better than no surgery. Obviously, in the rare cases where a tumour is blocking vital lines, surgery could be life saving; but in most cases it is just removal of the signs of sickness. It can also release cancer cells if the tumour is punctured; this can cause metastases which are much more deadly than a primary cancer. I am genuine here. If you have research please share it with us.

    • Shon says:


      I personally know people who survived with Alternative Therapies, infact the only people I know are those who survived. It is a fact that only 2.3% people could live 5 years after being diagnosed with cancer, I can send you the study, if you want, the most comprehensive study todate. Yes, Surgery with a bit of Luck could also cure, but that has nothing to do with Chemo or Radio. I must say, either you work for a pharma company, or are related to this industry in some way.

  4. Hello Gemma and Laura,
    Congratulations on your article in Sunday’s STM magazine. I admire your courage and commitment.
    It can be very confusing and daunting, especially when initially diagnosed with cancer, to learn and absorb all the conflicting information thrust upon you.

    Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann spent years travelling around the world (together with their 4 children) interviewing the top leading global cancer experts, scientists, doctors and authors. They have put together a DVD Cancer is Curable Now which interviews 31 of these specialists, including Sanislaw Burzynski. You can purchase this DVD directly from the site (DVD posted from the US) or from (posted from Australia).
    Marcus is also conducting a 2 day workshop in the Gold Coast on November 12 and 13th. For information and to register go to This workshop is for health practitioners, people suffering from any life threatening illness or anyone interested in achieving optimum health.
    Thank you for sharing your journey. Warm regards, Robyn

  5. Liza Kilrane says:

    Hi Laura, Gemma.
    Thank you for the article you published in the STM magazine about alternative cancer treatment. When Paul first told us that he had cancer it was like someone had started a roller coaster ride that we couldn’t get off. The amount of friends that have disappear from our life is amazing.. Like they can catch cancer! Paul has alway been very knowledgable and when he told me he wanted to stop chemo I didn’t question him. I trust his judgement and support him anyway I can.
    Since going to Churchill it is like everyone that attends this clinic is a added member of our family. Keep up the good work and I am sure that Paul’s book will be not that too far away.


  6. Karenne says:

    An open mind and a bit of self education certainly goes a long way to deciding on the journey you choose to take when Cancer comes knocking on your door! With the internet at our fingertips, books and CDs available to us we are able to make a more informative choice. Good luck to you Gemma & Laura…… you are following a path less travelled but one that many of us (in this more informative age) will be considering in the future.

  7. Voyt Reich says:

    I have liver cancer and my hepatologist is offering me only palliative care thinking I’ll be dead inside of six months. I’m nont heeding his recommendations of chemo or TACE. Instead I opted for Budwig, juicing and some supplements, like carnivora. Who can administer C injections in Brisbane?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Voyt, I’m really sorry to hear about your cancer but I really admire your positive attitude. One of the alternative cancer guru’s, Dr Gary Gordon, believes it’s essential to ‘think’ your way through cancer, rather than ‘fight’ your way through – and that sounds like exactly what you’re doing. Here is a list of integrative practitioners in Brisbane, it details those who provide IV therapies:

      Very best wishes and stay in touch!

  8. Lynne says:

    “Cancer hates oxygen.”

    This is really, terrifyingly wrong. Cancer cells have a very high metabolic rate, and need oxygen. They demand rather more oxygen than healthy, noncancerous cells. Some of the most successful cancer therapies are in fact based around inhibiting angiogenesis, restricting the blood supply to tumors so that they cannot get oxygen; a tumor can’t grow without a good supply of oxygen.

    This isn’t particularly hard information to find! Tens of thousands of researchers around the world have observed it, documented it, worked with this very attribute of cancer in the lab. It’s in thousands of papers in PubMed.

    I think you ought to ask yourself: when you are capable of getting something this basic wrong, what else have you got wrong.

    • Laura says:

      Dear Lynne, thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. Inhibiting angiogenesis is an important area of cancer research but, as I understand, it’s completely unrelated to the concept of oxygen and cancer cells. It’s fairly well established that cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment. That information certainly isn’t hard to find. Best wishes

  9. Shiuhung LAM says:

    Dear Laura,
    I must first thank you for your blog website so that interested people can browse and study via links about cancer and prevention. It is your good intention to tell others that your mom can recover from cancer by alternative methods rather than chemicals. It is a sharing with others who can voluntarily choose to accept your view or not. I find it hard to accept the fact that some of your visitors to this website could show animosity to your kindness. If a glass is full of water, no more water can be added into it. If they cannot open up themselves for discussion to seek the truth, so be it. Let them suck up with chemicals and toxins.
    You and your mother were reported in “The Advertiser”, South Australia weeks ago. That is why I got your website. I am interested in how your mom can fight the cancer. By the way, I am also reading a book written by a Chinese herbalist in Taiwan. It is about cancer treatment and prevention in nature’s way. He shared the same view as yours.
    Oxygen is very important in our body. He advised people to : eat less, drink water more, sweating more and more rest and sleep. In hunger, it is the high time the body will start to clean up the toxins and cancer cells. Sweating via exercise or Far Infrared sauna can detoxify our body. He advised to quit oily food and food in carbohydrates (like rice) that can take up much oxygen to digest. In that case, the heart and kidney will work harder to produce oxygen for the body. It then causes the blood pressure to rise. So if we can eat less rice, we are better off. But medical doctors only know prescribing Atacand to patients + advising them to eat less or no salt. Patients must consume drugs to keep blood pressure down but the disease is still there for life.
    I started 4 weeks ago to eat less and do not eat until I am hungry. I do 30 minutes exercise in the morning before eating so that the cleanup can better work. I lost 6 kgs and found my immune system improving. I truly believe the human body has its healing system. If we go to bed to rest and cover our body in warmth, flu and hay fever will be gone later. No panadol is needed. Let me tell you one thing. My daughter had a boy friend whose father is a GP. She found no panadol in their house. Doctors know drugs are not good to the human body. Even panadol!

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  15. Laura,
    thanks for the laugh, with your image subtly placed where it is…

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  18. Gary Kerr says:

    Thank U Laura 4 giving this great info 2 those who want 2 know the truth. Don’t let the pharmaceutical trolls affect U!
    With great respect,
    Gary Kerr

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  23. It is so good to see people such as yourselves take the time and effort to write a blog like this. We, in this field salute and thank you for your time, bravery and insight.

    Peter “Professor Ozone” Jovanovic
    You Tube: Ozone Research
    Blog: The World of Medical Ozone Therapy Use

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