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Hydrogen Peroxide

About nine weeks after the surgery, Mum started drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide.

She’d first heard about it through watching this five-minute video, titled: ‘Is This the Cure for Cancer That Really Works? This is the video that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to watch.’

The clip was viewed by people around the world, in all continents within 31 minutes of being posted online.

So what exactly is this miracle liquid?

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is essentially water (H20) with an extra oxygen atom attached. Your own white blood cells make some hydrogen peroxide, as a way of killing invading nasties – be it funghi, viruses or cancer. When the oxygen is released to fight germs, it ‘oxidizes’ them.

This sounds the death knell for cancer cells. Why? These rogue cells are not like healthy cells, which depend on oxygen to function. Rather, cancer cells love sugar and hate oxygen.

Over 80 years ago a Nobel Prize winning doctor, Otto Warburg, discovered that cancer cells require sugar to survive. He explained his findings in a presentation in 1966: ‘Cancer cells meet their energy needs by fermentation, not oxidation. Thus, they are dependent upon glucose and a high oxygen environment is toxic to them.’

More recent studies have confirmed that hydrogen peroxide stimulates natural killer cells, which attack cancer cells throughout the body. [Oxygen Intermediates are Required for Interferon Activation of NK Cells.  Journal of Interferon Research]

But those in the know don’t need scientific studies to prove it works. Evidence suggests that around 15,000 European practitioners have treated over 10 million patients in the past 70 years with this life-saving liquid. Many have seen, first hand, end-stage cancer patients come back from the brink within weeks of starting hydrogen peroxide.

Dr Patrick Kingsley is one such doctor. For years he has treated thousands of patients at his clinic in Leicestershire, England.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, Patrick Kingsley healed a breast cancer patient, within four months – after she’d been given just months to live. She was treated with intravenous vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide.

‘ There are very few people in the country who do hydrogen peroxide and that’s a great shame, because it’s incredibly cheap and very effective,’ Kingsley told me.

Kingsley recently retired, but he is keen to spread the message about oxygen therapy and share the protocol he used to treat patients: ‘ I took two and a half millilitres and dissolved it in 250 millilitres of normal saline. So that made a 0.03% solution and I would give it to patients (intravenously) as often as possible.’

When I mentioned my mum had taken hydrogen peroxide orally – Kingsley was a little taken aback.

‘ I never ever recommended that somebody try it. But I happen to know there are probably millions of people throughout the world, who swear by it, and what it’s done for them. But because of the potential problems with the gastro-intestinal tract, I never personally recommended it.’

Mum’s boyfriend had found a practitioner in Perth, renowned for treating cancer patients with intravenous hydrogen peroxide. She made an appointment with Dr Nuttall and was impressed: but she quickly realised it was too far to travel on a regular basis.

It would have meant committing to almost two whole days a week travelling to see him and also committing to a vegan diet. Mum decided to take hydrogen peroxide orally instead.

After reading numerous books on the subject she started self-administering. But after a month or so, she stopped. The solution was starting to make her feel nauseous, and, without proper supervision, she figured the risks outweighed the benefits.

So why don’t more practitioners offer hydrogen peroxide?

‘It’s purely money,’ said Kingsley.

Some believe hydrogen peroxide represents the biggest threat to the trillion-dollar earnings of the pharmaceutical companies – a bottle of food grade hydrogen peroxide can be bought for around £1 from a chemist.

By comparison, a few months of chemotherapy can cost society thousands of pounds. Can you imagine the money saved by governments, around the world, if they didn’t rely solely on surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat cancer patients? Who knows – maybe then we wouldn’t have such a sick society.

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14 Responses to Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Frank says:

    I used it to cure my sulfite allergy. I don’t think it can do harm, taking it at 3% orally. It is quite nauseous, however, if you take more than 10 or so drops in 8 ounces of water. Otherwise I’d continue taking it just because it must be healthy.

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  3. lynda says:

    omg this is info I was reading after we were sent off to contemplate my husbands prostate cancer options. I so wanted more time to investigate all these alternatives( especiallly the hydrogen perioxide). as I had always thought the mdical profession didnt have all the answers.
    However the surgeon gave us our options and booked the surgery. We most probably panicked and opted for surgery. Its changed our marriage, but I have been reading that the cancer comes from supressed emotions and we have done a lot of work together in all areas. Workshops, tantra healing and nurturing .Taking suppliments seeing physic healers naturpaths, having colon cleansing etc etc( I want to know if our colon clinic does the coffee anemias so am onto that tomorrow.) Also hair anaylsis to check all those sorts of minerals lacking or toxic overload. We have chose non to not tell any of our family about the cancer and this has minimised the medical hysteria that surrounds cancer as well as the doom and gloom and has allowed us to deal with it in our own way. Even managed to have surgery without work or family knowing. All the proffessionals including the cancer foundation thought this was a mistake. We said its our journey and we have done it our way. I wouldnt change that part. Just wished I could have stepped back for a short time and taken a bit more time before surgery for my husbands sake.

    • ingrid crussell says:

      Hi Lynda,

      I’ve just read your blog and was really interested in your comments. We too find ourselves in a similar situation. My husband has just discovered a lump on his neck. He has had a biopsy and even though we haven’t had the ‘complete’ result explained to us we fear it is quite serious. He has to have a PET scan next week. We are totally against the conventional approach which we think is an insane way of combating cancer. We have read Father Zago’s book on curing cancer with aloe Aborescens and we will start taking it as soon as it arrives. I just wanted to know how you got on (Btw I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to tell family – we intend to do the same) and if you have any suggestions/comments. I would really appreciate if you have the time to respond. kind regards Ingrid

  4. FRANK libri says:

    very interesting website & l believe the government can do something ,but won t

  5. Alan says:

    Can you inform me if hydrogen Peroxide has anny effect on high blood presure? I dont have a diabetes problem
    and I’m not overweight and I dont have high chelestrol and this high blood presure has been with me for over 15 years now and my current doctor doesn’t know what is causing it.

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  7. Maggie Gliksten says:

    I think it is important to stress that we are refering to food grade H2O2. 3%. Also if a person wants to take it orally. to do so on an empty stomach. H2O2 can react with vitamin C, iron and fats, causing super-oxide free radicals. This can damage the stomach lining. The same is true of silver, copper , manganese or iron. So if suplimenting with these, don’t take H2O2 internally.

    • Cliff Coombe says:

      Chlorine Dioxide will do the same job. CDS Activated Oxygen Solution (3000 ppm) 1ml in a small tumbler of the cleanest purified water on an hourly basis works very well , none of the problems of Hydrogen Peroxide occur as it only attacks the acidity level , which is where the inflamation and pain is , leaving the healthy cells intact. Its all at or google MMS or CDS. I have been taking this to predominatly cure my GOUT , which this has done with great effect but it also lowered my cholesterol and my blood pressure , very happy i found it. Please do not take HP , it will harm you !

      • Cliff, do you have any experience with MMS helping with cancer?
        Is there any research regarding the problems of hydrogen peroxide versus MMS? Or alternately, do you understand the (simple version) chemistry of the two?

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  10. Kevin says:

    Anyone know a doctor in Perth who will administer H2O2 IV.

  11. Clare says:

    Great blog. Lots of of interesting information. I’ve also heard of the healing benefits of taking H2O2 internally and I’m going to try it for myself. For the next 25 days I’m going to test the theory and blog about my experience at

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