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Vitamin Injections

‘It’s like group therapy,’ Mum said through mouthfuls of grated beetroot. ‘ I met Jane and her husband Gary, and Lucy and Paul – Paul knows EVERYTHING about cancer.’

Mum had just returned from her first session of intravenous vitamin C. She’d taken a bag full of books on cancer to keep her busy – but she needn’t have bothered. During the hour and a half it took for the vitamin solution to transfuse, she’d made friends and swapped stories about everything from hydrogen peroxide and coffee enemas to mobile phone protectors and where to buy organic, yeast-free spelt bread (according to Paul, it’s best grain to eat if you have cancer).

Paul is an inspiration for anyone who becomes part of the regular IV drip crew. He was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago, and, with two small children, he’s determined to stick around. The cancer meant he had to quit his job as a pilot and he has since spent his time reading everything there is to know about alternative cancer treatments – and sharing his knowledge with anyone who’s interested.

Apparently it’s like the second coming when Paul arrives, always amid a chorus of ‘Paul what do you think about magnetic healing…’or ‘ Paul can you tell me the name of that website again?’ He is currently writing a book about cancer, which Mum and I (and the rest of Paul’s disciples) are eagerly anticipating.

But for now… back to IV Vitamin C.

How does it work, and why do you need to inject it?

‘ Instead of treating cancer with chemotherapy, you can give intravenous Vitamin C at, 30, 60, 100,000 milligrams a day, directly into the bloodstream and that will kill cancer cells. With vitamin C, there is no damage to healthy cells,’ says Andrew Saul in the revolutionary film Food Matters , which mum  happened to watch just before her diagnosis.

In the 1970s Dr Linus Pauling and Dr Ewan Cameron conducted a number of studies, looking at the efficacy of Vitamin C in cancer patients. In 1971, 100 terminal cancer patients were given 10g (10,000 mg) of vitamin C intravenously a day, compared to a control group of 1000 patients who were treated by conventional methods. (Just to give you some idea of how much Vitamin C we’re talking – the RDA is 80mg).

Five years after the beginning of the study, 18 of the 100 vitamin C-treated patients were still living while all the controls had died. ( Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY, Dr Allan Spreen)

A more recent study, mentioned in Patrick Holford’s fantastic book Say No To Cancer ( Piatkus), was carried out by researchers from Saga University in Japan. They found that cancer patients on 5-30 g of vitamin C lived six times longer than those on 4g or less, while those suffering from cancer of the uterus lived 15 times longer on vitamin C therapy.

So why haven’t we heard more about high-dose vitamin C?

Firstly there’s no money in it for pharmaceutical companies; secondly, unlike chemo, it’s not subsidized by the government so it can leave you out of pocket; and thirdly Pauling and Cameron’s study was discredited by a similar trial, undertaken by the Mayo Clinic in the US, which found no difference in survival rates for those given vitamin C.

But there was one key difference between the two studies. While Pauling and Cameron administered 10g vitamin C by IV, the Mayo participants were given the same dose orally.

So why does vitamin C work so well when it’s injected?

Here’s a great explanation from Tomorrow’s Cancer Cure’s TODAY by Dr Allan Spreen:

‘ …when the absorption of vitamin C is increased and the levels go up so much, it starts to act as a pro-oxidant, instead of an antioxidant… because it starts to interact with the copper and iron in our cells, causing a reaction that produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide (the same peroxide that you apply to cuts and scrapes to kill germs). Interestingly, human white blood cells are able to make and break down their own peroxide to kill germs, which cancer cells are not able to do because they lack the enzyme catalase. Bottom line: the high-dose IV vitamin C produces peroxide, and continued build-up of peroxide makes the cancer cell burst.’

I like the image of bloated-cancer cells bursting. I also like a story I read this week, about a German doctor, bursting the bubble of a drug-company salesman.

‘The salesman asked the doctor how many cancer patients he had. After hearing the doctor’s estimate, the salesman whipped out his laptop computer and crunched some numbers. Then the salesman looked up and offered to sneak the doctor 3.7 million Euros under the table after a year, if he’d give all his cancer patients big doses of an expensive chemo drug. The doctor …refused the bribe. And the drug salesman was stunned. ‘You’re from a different planet,’ the salesman marveled. ‘Every hospital works together with us.’

To find a practitioner in Australia who offers vitamin injections you may go to the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine:

Those living in the UK may wish to contact the charity Yes To Life. They provides a directory of physicians trained in alternative and complementary medicine, including IV vitamin C:

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C – Touted as the ‘take-home vitamin injection’ this is a great one for those on a budget, or those on the road. The innovative nano-sphere technology allows for maximum absorption and eliminates the need for binders, fillers and gelatins. Snip the sachet, mix in juice and take on an empty stomach. British readers can go to Abundance and Health and Australians can purchase the product

Laura Bondlaura-headshot-3 is a journalist, author and nutritional health coach. She specialises in helping clients beat stress, balance their gut flora, lose weight and prepare their bodies for babies. For more information, click here.

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49 Responses to Vitamin Injections

  1. Athene Baugh says:

    Hi Laura. I am an avid reader of the website. There is so much wisdom and positivity coming from it. Glad your mum is doing well. We continue to send our own positive love her way. Athene

    • Barbara says:

      Hello Laura…remarkable ! I would be grateful to know where Paul is and how I can contact him please? Family member in desperate need of help….. Thank you so much. Good luck Mum !!

  2. Rebecca Caratti says:

    Paul is a legend!

  3. Lavinia says:

    Wow! Great tnhkiing! JK

  4. Ali says:

    Hi Laura,
    Your blogg is full of helpful info, my first read tonight and im thinking Vit C injections are for me. However, do you (or anyone else) know if i can have it whilst undergoing Chemo (currently?).

    • Laura says:

      Hi Ali – you can absolutely have vitamin C injections alongside Chemo. According to Dr Ian Brighthope: ‘It reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy, it boosts the immune system and stimulates white blood cells to mop up dead cancerous tissue and fight infection.’ Thanks for your comments Ali and I hope your treatment is going well!

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  8. Beats By Dre says:

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  10. Beats By Dre says:

    Love the article good work!

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  12. Jodi Bassett says:

    Just found out about your site from an article in the WA STM magazine. Could have knocked me over with a feather to see an article that had actual….health facts in it, for once! An actual good quality reasonable article, in mainsteam media. Will wonders ever cease! *grin*

    I’m using similar methods to treat my own disease, which is a hideous neurological and cardiac one similar to MS, that has left me housebound and bedbound for the last 10 years plus. After 10 years or worsening, slowly I am improving…very very slowly. Vitamin C in liposomal form (as effective as IV but not as much hassle!) and FIR sauna use are major components of my program, plus the Weston A Price diet, minus dairy and grains.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work in doing the site and I wish you better health and lots of hits to your iste this week, and beyond. You deserve it!

  13. Kristin Adam says:

    HI Laura,
    Thank you for your advice and information.
    Do you happen to know where my husband can go to have VIT C in the western suburbs, happy to travel if need be but close to Mount Claremont would be a benefit.

  14. Karenne says:

    I have an orange tree out the back…for over 20 years I have benefited from the freshly squeezed juice. After your comments on the benefits of Vitamin C I will definately not be letting any fruit go to waste and will appreciate my “Golden Harvest” even more!! Nature again has provided the “Magic Tonic”! Good Luck with the Vitamin C Therapy.

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  16. Renee says:

    Wow.. great blog.
    Just saw it in the advertiser today.
    Can anyone help me out and tell me if there is somewhere in South Australia, Adelaide that you can access IV vitamin C or this peroxide treatment that you describe?

  17. john says:

    does anyone know of a doctor in the UK who adminsters this? or can provide some keywords for google how to search. I had thsi treatment in south america and its great. but I can not find anyone here in the Uk to pass me the treatment or how to get the bags perhaps myself.. any help is much appreciated.. john

    • Laura says:

      Hi John,

      Dr Wendy Denning at the Health Doctors in London offers IV C
      But you could also use the directory on the Yes to Life website to find a practitioner near you:
      Good Luck!

    • sam conway says:

      synergy healthcare in belfast

    • Mannan says:

      I know how you feel, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 non-small cell lung canecr in May, they did radiation and chemo which got rid of the canecr in her lung and lymph nodes in and between her lungs. But, it had spread into her bones and several other lymph nodes, they did more radiation and chemo but she and was only given a few months to live, that was in mid-august. I could not accept losing my mom who is only 43 so I did a lot of research and found what I feel is her best hope. Maybe a good option for your friend , too, there are a lot of Breast canecr patients here as well. Also, while she is doing shemo look into interveneous vitamin C, you would probably have to do it through an alternative doctor, because mainstream doctors unfortunately are not well versed in natural supplements. I listed a few links for vitamin c info at the end.I am currently in the Bahamas with my mother. There is a clinic here that has been in operation for over 30 years. We have been here for 4 of our 8 week stay, everyday is really inspiring. A lot of the patients stick around in the meeting room/ waiting room to visit, and share stories and catch up. There are 40 people all talking and laughing, talking about canecr and life. The returning patients talk about how bad their canecr was 4, 8, 10, 18 even 28 years ago when they started coming to the clinic, the canecr that has since disappeared. There is nothing dangerous or foreign to the treatment, just building up your immune system in a very effective manner that allows it to identify and fight the canecr. If you want to know more contact me or go to I cannot tell you how impressed I am with what I have seen and how my mother has already improved. I know one man who was diagnosed with pancreatic canecr, he skipped all US, conventional (poisonous, dangerous) options and went to the Bahamas and is doing great now. Another man who has been coming here for 18 years that had prostate canecr. People with just about every type of canecr. But, they are honest here, you send them your medical information and they will tell you whether they believe they can help you or not, and they will send you home if they don’t think you are benefiting. My mom has shown drastic improvements and is feeling so much better. and we are in the Bahamas so we are having a good Mother-Daughter vacation. When we got here she was on 75 mg of morphine a day plus 6ml of liquid morphine a day, now she rarely takes any morphine, and only occasionally takes Advil. Some of the pain she does get is associated with tumor kill, it happens to most patients as their immune system begins quickly destroying the canecr cells, it is a good thing.There are a lot of alternative treatments out there worth looking into. I have also done a lot of research on the Cesium Chloride/DMSO treatment and think that it has merit and you can do it at home.The clinic here believes that a supplement/liquid called VIBE works really well in addition to other treatments, I am going to look in to that some more.One very helpful website isUS doctors push chemo and radiation, but when you look at the statistics and side effects it is not a good option for most people. My Mom had both before we came here and now that I know more about them and have researched them I feel horrible that I let her go through them. She was lucky (so far) the only long term side effect she has shown is short term memory loss. The stories I have heard from the other patients here about how they were treated by US medicine astound me. One lady went home to have a shunt put in her liver so she would be ok to come here, but they refused to put it in unless she agreed to do chemotherapy, is that what our country is about? Denying helpful procedures unless we agree to dangerous, toxic ones? The drug companies run US medicine at least when it comes to canecr treatment and it is sad. Most doctors will tell you not to try alternative medicine and some will refuse to even see you again if you do. To some degree they are not to blame, they have not been taught anything about it other than that it is evil and wrong and they would be rejected by their colleagues if they suggested alternatives.I am not saying that this will cure anyone, but I have seen dozens of people that it has helped and dozens more that are just starting, but already showing improvement. Please whatever you do, research first. I am so happy my mom is feeling better and I want to be able to help everyone else who’s parent, sibling, child, friend or self has canecr, I know how it feels to watch them get worse and watch the treatment make them more sick. Good luck!! My prayers are with your family.

      • Hélene says:

        Hello all of you!
        I’m french, and first please excuse my poor english!I want to compliment for this wonderfull and hopefullblog. For me, it stat

        • Hélene says:

          excuse pb with computer. It started in 2008. A breast cancer with a tumor in yhe axilla.. I saw some years before my sister (47) died, not because of her cancer, but she was literaly burned and detroy by chemo. She didn’t looked like my sister anymore.So I didn’t want to follow her way.I was involved in alternative medecine for a long time.First I escape in India to get a surgery, because in France no one wanted to operate me without chemo and ray. So, It would be ok during 3 years. But it came back because of so many emotional problèms I got. At least I could be operate by a french sugeon who was aware and accepted that I refused chemo.This man became after my fellow (what a beautifull love story!). But cancer is still there, making many many probèms, pains, mecanic problems and so on. Surgery is not usefull anymore. We new about the Linus Pauling research. But you can’t imagine in France how it’s difficult to optain informations. At least i’st done.My friend (François) put me under the skin a “portacath” witch is a small box directly in contact of the veins, more easy for injections. We started 2 days ago. We started with medium doses, and will grow up to 85:100g a day. We will add also Glutathion, witch is very important, and also vitamine B17 very effective as ell. Now I’m like an encyclopedy abouty alternativ ways, and I know where to obtain products, and the name of clinics whitch can provide the treatment. For me, I just now to wait and see, the treatment just begun.If you need informations, dont’t hesitate. Of corse you can use Vit C with chemo, but it will just clean the desaster of chemo. not put your chemo more effective.chemo is poison, witch never cure nobody, just putting some of them very rich! Best Regards. Hélène.

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  21. Irene Blackbourn says:

    Where can I get vitamin C intravenously in England? I have been diagnosed with 1C clear cell carcinoma of the right ovary. I have had a total abdominal hysterectomy and have just had my third round of chemo. Please help.

  22. Felicity says:

    My mum is suffering from advanced lung cancer. Could you provide the details of a doctor who works with cancer patients in Perth with the intravenous Vit C. She lives in Duncraig in the Northern suburbs.
    Great blog

    • Megan says:

      My lung Cancer has just begun to increase as well… after it has been still for just over 3 years. I now want to try the intavenous Vit C as well… I also live in the northern suburbs of perth and am interested in who might give the Vit C treatment…… I do know there is a Cr Nuttall in Midland, but I didn’t want to have to go that far.

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  24. Jozay says:

    Hi Laura,

    i am desperately trying to find out where to get intravenous Vit C injections for my father who has cancer. We are in Perth Australia – any ideas?

    With thanks


    • Hélene says:

      Hi evrybody
      You can find vitC injection I Holland, they have phials of 25gr:/500ml
      Steunpunt Apotheek Mierlo Hout
      Drs. Frans C.J. Durlinger, apotheker en/of
      Brigitte Koebrugge
      Postbus 517
      5700 AM Helmond
      (The Netherlands)
      tel: +31 (0)492-509750
      fax: +31 (0)492-526012
      e-mail: algemeen: [email protected]

      They ship with UPS all over the world

      Also you can trcieve a 3 weeks treatment in England, Southapton, in yhis out patient clinic:

      have a good day
      best greating

      • Lisa says:

        I am in France now with my husband who has colon cancer and we are looking for places in France to do the IV Vitamin C treatments. I was told by a doctor here that IV vitamin C does not exist in France. Is that true and if so, do you order your vitamin C from another country? Do you know of any doctors in France who would do this treatment? We are in the southeastern part of France.
        Many thanks,

  25. Nathan rader says:

    My brother has been diagnosed with pustular psoriasis and his is not curable just eating off his hands and feet. We are willing to do the vitamin therapy just don’t know where to go near indiana USA. Any help is very much appreciated thanks.

  26. Hélene says:

    informations about where to find clinic or doctors which practise infusions of vit C

    • Laura says:

      Hi Helene,

      Thank you so much for providing all this wonderful information. I loved hearing about how you met your fellow and it’s great to know there’s a doctor in Holland who offers IV C. I was wondering whether you had managed to find a place in France that offers intravenous vitamin C ? I have been inundated with people from France wanting to know where to have it done. Wishing you all the very best. Laura

  27. Bettina Mayer says:

    Hi people, my Uncle in Germany has just been diagnosed with liver cancer and i am prepared to try anything and everything! I too have been doing alot of research and have come across black salve that a friend’s mum actually used and cured her breast cancer! check out the link and be sure to watch the video…. also can anyone help me with where he could go to get vitamin c treatment somewhere close to the south of Germany?? I hope the link helps, and hope to hear back?….. <3

  28. Jane Pearson says:

    How is Mum? How long has she been doing the vit c therapy now? Would be helpful to date the blog. Best wishes and thanks.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Jane, if you go to the ‘Mum’ section in the menu bar you can read about my Mum, Gemma. In March 2011 she was diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer. She had vitamin injections twice a week for around six months and then slowly tapered off the treatment. She still takes high dose vitamin C in supplement form daily. Best wishes, Laura

  29. Vic Warren says:

    I.V. Vitamin C is not available in Australia, I was in a major hospital diagnosed with swine flu, I had ampules of high doses of vitamin C 7 asked that they be put into my I.V. Not only did they refuse, they confiscated my own property, they refused to give it back.
    My own doctor was not allowed to treat me, I was too ill to leave.
    Where there is a will there is a way so I took an alternative action which I believed saved my life.

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  33. Ashish Agrawal says:

    I read about the Intravenous Vitamin C therapy article on your website and found it to be incredibly useful.My mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer this April and I wanted to provide her the IV C therapy.I wanted to ask if any general physician can perfom this therapy or experts are needed as apparently none of the doctors in our country(India) practice this therapy.
    Please guide us what to do.
    rThanks and regards,
    Ashish Agrawal

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