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Two tests every woman should know

Mum was patting the pug and reading the paper when she first realized something was up.

The West Australian had put together a special report on ovarian cancer. I’m eternally grateful. Most health news, at the time, was focused on the Duchess of Cambridge’s pre-wedding diet.

Flicking through the pages mum turned to read a woman’s personal story – and suddenly felt queasy. She recognized every symptom the woman mentioned: the bloating, the stop-start periods, the faint- but persistent- drawing pain in her lower abdomen.

She saw her GP and asked to have a CA-125 blood test and a Trans-vaginal Ultrasound. She’d read, years before, that these two tests provided the best indication of ovarian cancer. Indeed, in a recent study of 200,000 women, British Doctors found that using the tests in tandem detected 90% of ovarian cancer cases.

CA125 – or Cancer antigen-125 – is a protein found at elevated levels in those who have ovarian cancer. But other conditions – such as endometriosis, benign ovarian cysts and pregnancy also produce higher levels of CA125.

That’s why the ultrasound is also recommended. Mum actually had both tests done 18 months previously: but this time the tests came back positive. A grim reminder of how fast cancer can move.

At this stage Mum still didn’t quite believe she had cancer. She was sure, somewhere along the line, there’d been a mistake. Even lying there in her backless hospital gown, waiting nervously for her full hysterectomy, she was positive the tumour, or whatever the dark mass the ultrasound had revealed, wasn’t really anything to worry about.

The night after the operation, the brilliant surgeon, who’d spent the previous night pouring over mum’s results, came over to her bedside and said: ‘ Now darling, we’ve got some bad news. You have ovarian and uterine cancer.’

Mum started crying.

‘It’s a very aggressive form of cancer and I’d really urge you to have chemo,’ said the surgeon.

Through her tears Mum managed to blurt out. ‘I’m not having chemo.’

It’s one thing to tell yourself you’ll never have chemo, but it’s quite another matter, when you’re lying there, your ‘normal’ life disappearing with every drip of morphine – to tell one of Australia’s top gynaecological oncologists you won’t be taking his advice.

Mum spent those first two weeks agonizing over whether she was being stupidly self-righteous.

It didn’t help that almost everyone – best friends, family, beauticians and Chinese doctors alike – were all shaking their heads in despair.

But then, something strange happened.

Mum found that once she told people, unequivocally, that conventional treatment really wasn’t an option for her, the chemo converts changed their tune: quite often, they would start listing people they knew, for whom, tragically, chemo didn’t work.

But even once she’d rallied the troops, there was still that twinge of, ‘what if?’ coupled by an overwhelming desire to abdicate responsibility and place it in the hands of someone who, in theory, knows best.

So what helped Mum blaze her own path? These were a few things that ultimately made up her mind.

The Knowledge that:

* Chemotherapy improves 5 year survival by less than 3% – according to this Australian study.

* Dr. Robert Atkins, the late physician and diet guru, once said: ‘There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and major oncology centers.’

But the final, knock-out blow for chemo, for mum, was this:

*A few years ago, the McGill Cancer Centre in Canada – one of the most highly regarded cancer treatment centres in the world – did a study of oncologists to find out how they would respond to a diagnosis of cancer.

On the confidential questionnaire, 58 out of 64 doctors ( that’s 90%) said that all chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members.Why? Many believed chemotherapy drugs are ineffective and that they have an unacceptable degree of toxicity.

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18 Responses to Two tests every woman should know

  1. Sue Kannis says:

    Great to see someone writing about alternative treatments.
    I went through a cancer scare with my mum in 2005. I too went into reading so much on alternative treatments and we have done so much that I couldn’t say which treatment worked. In saying that mum’s cancer (in her throat/which was on her tonsil) reduce in less than 2 months. We could see it with our own eyes the width of the cancer when looking and shining a torch down mums throat. We wanted mum to continue with the alternative treatment as we could could see success in the reduction so, but she scared into taking the path of radition for the fear of not surviving if the cancer was left to spread without medical treatment.

    I have so much to share and will continue writing with what I did with mum in the time before radiation. She is today healthy, a little sad by losing most of her teeth prior to radiation (which was a requirement before she her radiation and may say one the sadest times I had when this happened, I will never forget her crying face after the operation, which still makes me cry today as I’m writing this).
    One of the many books I read was by Philip Day (based in UK and visits Perth once a year). Worth reading I took majority of what I read in his books and followed them for mum. He has a website and you can buy his books in Australia I thank him for the guidence he gave me in mum’s recovery. I dealt with now fighting the possibility of reoccuring cancer after radiation and we are doing this with healthy food, lots of supplementation, exercise and positive mind.
    Wishing your mum good health. Will write again soon.
    Take care

    • Laura says:

      Thank you so much Sue for your lovely comments and for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear about your mum’s horrific ordeal with radiation – but I’m really glad to know that she’s doing well now. I’d be interested to know what sort of foods and supplements your Mum is taking ? It’s fantastic to hear that your Mum saw such incredible results so quickly from alternative treatments! What sort of things did she try? I’m sure the alternative treatments super-charged her immune system prior to the radiation – no doubt helping her get through it. Wishing you and your Mum all the very best and please keep in touch. With love, Laura

  2. Debbie McCracken says:

    Hi my name is Debbie and I am 49 years old. I read your article in the West Australian today and found it very interesting and decided to read and follow your blog. I dont have cancer but am into in a big way cancer prevention. My mum died in 1988 of cancer. She got breast cancer at the age of 57 and died at 59. I watched her die and there was nothing I could do. I commend you for looking into other treatments and solely believe you can change your bodies environment, especially through diet. I have been doing coffee enemas for a few years now lol and cant get by without them. I do the Mae West enema recipe which is great. I havant yet read your whole blog but forgive me if you have already know about the dairy connection to cancer. I have read the China Study and believe that dairy is one of the main reasons for disease in our society. I honestly believe the dairy industry is killing us!! I have now eliminated it from mine and my families diet. It really isnt that difficult. Please if you havant already research dairy asap. My mum was a big cheese eater and loved cauliflower cheese! Also look up Linda McCartney on the web. She was a big advocate of dairy and I believe it was that that killed her. Anyway, I am now going to read your blog and I wish mum all the best. I am here to offer support and knowledge of what I know. If I am ever diagosed with cancer I will probably follow your mums path BUT I actually believe I wont get cancer because of my diet and the coffee enema ritual! Regards Debbie McCracken

    • Laura says:

      Hi Debbie, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum. I can’t imagine how hideous that must have been for you – and at such a young age too.

      Thank you so much for raising the really important point about the link between dairy and cancer. I was shocked when I started reading all the research – and there is so much of it! I recently ordered professor Jane Plant’s book Your Life in Your Hands. Plant, a widely respected scientist, was struck by breast cancer in 1987 and it recurred four times, despite chemo and radiation. Finally by making dietary changes – and most importantly giving up milk – she was able to recover.

      Mum gave up dairy within a week of being diagnosed with cancer – and she feels so much better. I’ll be a writing a post about that soon!

      Thanks again for getting in touch Debbie. I had no idea that Mae West was a fan of coffee enemas – she really was a legend.

      • Laura and others,
        for those who do not have cancer and want to avoid dairy, here are a few pointers:
        1. Any move in that direction is better than none – we cannot all be perfect and may not need to be absolute. Halving our intake of milk, butter or cheeses is a great start.
        2. Try A2 milk as it is easier to digest, although it does not deal with the hormone issue.
        3. Non-homogenised and organic is much better for us and is readily available in Australian supermarkets.
        4. Raw milk actually has hormones that stimulate good bone growth (great for kids) and enzymes that assist proper digestion. Some people share a cow!!

        If you have cancer, cold turkey withdrawal is a good idea.
        BUT soy has its problems – again to do with hormones and nutrient blockage, almond is grainy but good for you and coconut is great – especially if you can get it raw. As for rice or oat….I’m not sure…they are refined grains… But green or herbal teas don’t usually require milk …

        Too many deaths of friends lead me to six years researching the cancer issue; hence my thoughts…

    • Carole says:

      My mum also died of cancer in 1969, aged forty four. I have always been interested and believed in taking control for your own health and well being and belie e that, whilst doctors may be very knowledgeable, they are only human and have their own views and opinions. I am interested in the fact that you have found it easy to live dairy free because I am trying this and finding it very hard. Would you mind sharing any tips or advice with me as I am keen to pursue this route to try to improve my health.
      Thank you. Carole

  3. craig says:

    all the best of luck
    my wife was diagnosed in 2004 and i lost her last december but when we mentioned alternative
    therapy her oncologist got verry angry
    it nearlly killed me to see her have chemo and all the side effects and i could not help her

    • Meli says:

      Depends on the type of chemo you are on. Experimental, ask about the side effects. My fteahr was on an experimental one and the side effect on that particular one I believed killed him. One of the side effects of his was possible heart damage, it did damage his healthy heart. I am sure not all chemo is that way, it does react different for different people. I would say be careful on your decision always get a second opinion. Then Pray about it.

  4. Sue Payne says:

    Thanks to the Sunday Times I found your brilliant site. Never answered a blog before. I was diagnoed with skin cancer last month on my nose and forehead and one day away from disfiguring surgery when Dr Paul Alexander a naturopath in Leederville gave me the DVD One Answer to Cancer. I bought the wonderful book How to take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry by Elaine Hollingsworth and then cancelled surgery. Next I rang Adrian Jones the Naturopath in Qld about using Black Salve to kill the cancer cells. I’m 3 weeks into his program and so far so good with Black Salve. I hope I get a great result like your beloved dog! Wishing you love and luck with your journey. Regards Sue Payne, Kingsley WA

  5. Nicola says:

    Brilliant….love it. I also rejected chemo (for breast cancer), and I too felt the pressure to take conventional treatment for my kids (then aged 3 and 6) I’ve never regretted my decision, nor have I ever felt better. I’ve yet to try the full body hyperthermia, but have gone the IV Vit C route, infrared saunas, local hyperthermia, amongst others. Even in the 19 months since my diagnosis, I feel there’s a change in attitude, and a surge in the number of people approaching their cancer care in an alternative way. Thank you for sharing, it gives strength to people like me, and it educates others, planting a seed that they may one day need if they are ever diagnosed, or know some-one who is. 😀

    • Karenne says:

      Further to Sue’s story I also pursuaded a work colleague to use black salve on a skin cancer he had on his nose. He was scheduled for surgery and a skin graft in a few weeks but cancelled as he used the Black Salve instead. His nose had scabbed over (as is usual) and he had some puss oozing out (which is usual). Within 10 days the scab fell off on its own accord (very important) and he was quite happy with the result however he went back to the Doctor as instructed. The Doctor couldn’t believe that the cancer was gone and talked him into going ahead with the surgery without doing another biopsy. The result (after a skin graft and over one week off work) the pathology report came back with the result that NO cancer was present. The Doctor asked for a second report as he couldn’t believe the results. The second report came back with the same result – NO cancer! The Doctor asked my colleague what was in the cream he used and the name of it. This was given to him but what he does with the information is anyone’s guess. I was happy…it proved what I had known all along. That Black Salve actually works!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi Karenne,
        I am very new to this website and read your comment. I was wondering if this Black Salve is only common to Australia. I live in Canada and haven’t heard much about it before, only something made out of Hemp but it is illegal in North America and Canada.
        Thanks you for putting this information out for the World to read.

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  7. Kris says:

    Great Site. My mum had breast cancer and refused any conventional treatment (which our family thoroughly supported but only the cancer patient can really decide), and the doctor was not happy about it. She is cancer free 3 years on, and has more energy than ever in her life before (and she is almost 70). She still takes some supplements but the main thing she still does is have daily raw organic vegetable juices with an enzyme juicer.

    • Leith says:

      Hi kris

      How wonderful to read that your Mumis alive and well after 3 years. I have a grade 3 breast cancer and am considering saying no to chemotherapy. Have had my whole biochemustry checked and have started IV Vit C therapy…..

      Would she be interested in meeting or talking with me? Knowing someone that hss made a decision for themselves would be really helpful for me.

      If not i completely understand..


  8. Litha says:

    Hello all, I have never written on a blog & find your stories insparational.
    I was diagnosed with Lobular Cancer in my left breast on 1st june 2012. I had lymph node biopsy & they found a 3mm cancer in my sentinal lymph node. I went on to have a mastectomy & LD flap reconstruction. I am 42 & was told last week that i would need chemo. I dont want chemo & I would appreciate any help and advice anyone can offer. I am going to do a parasite cleanse & metal cleanse & am currently doing a raw food & juice diet.
    Leith how are you getting on?
    Litha x

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