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Anti-Ageing Superfit Superfood Tour

22nd April 2015

Is your exercise routine anti-ageing? Does your diet give you glowing skin and protection from disease?

Join Laura this April for an Anti-Ageing Superfit Superfood Tour.

The afternoon/evening includes an endorphin-boosting workout, a raw food feast, cold-pressed juices plus an intimate workshop where Laura shares practical – and affordable – ways to stay looking young.

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Sugar: Foods to Kick your Cravings

April 2, 2015

Perfect Kale Salad from Naturally Sassy. Click on the link to read the recipe

As a health coach I am constantly being asked, ‘What are the best foods to beat sugar cravings?’

I am asked this question by clued-up friends, by clients – who are trying to balance their hormones …

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